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Monday Evening (10 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 25-June-2007  18:48:14 (GMT +10) - by Agg

From Cadal: Looks like a cheaper iscsi target appliance on the way. N5200PRO, due end on the month for $850 (american). The interesting part is the mention of ISCSI Target use. Info here and here.

From Daryl: Audio Cd's have games coded inside ...not such a new thing. Turns out some records in the 70s & 80s also had code inside most likely using FSK.

From Craig: Hot on the heels of the Microsoft Surface computer comes the Cambridge kids from Microsoft Research with their latest creation. Steve Hodges’ Dell laptop now sports multi-touch input, courtesy of a small collection of infrared sensors attached to the rear of the display.

From trevor68: Hi, Junglewraiths is a Gaming clan comprising several OCAU Members, we have just released a BF2 movie (our third actually) that may be newsworthy. Be warned, it is NOT worksafe, some swearing badly beeped over. ;-) Update: more bandwidth-friendly version here on YouTube.

TheWedgie spotted this giant-screen Quake 3 cluster setup. Interesting, no real info tho.

People have dared to ask Dan and, verily, he has answered. Twice, even.

From Frank: Just saw the 3 links to electric vehicles on the front page. I think this would be a good time to link to the documentary - "Who killed the electric car". Electric cars really aren't myths as oil and car companies would like you to believe. More info here.

From Ferret-san: Good article (May 2007) about the dead pixel return policies for all major manufactures on BeHardware(20-odd pages) and includes Acer, Apple, Asus, Belinea, BenQ, Dell, Eizo, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, Hyundaï, Iiyama, Nec, LaCie, LG, Packard Bell, Philips, Samsung, ViewSonic. Is actually light reading with good basic info that is often overlooked when researching a new LCD purchase.

Craig also sent in this article about NBC claiming corn farmers are one of the ultimate victims of an unregulated internet. For example, in the absence of movie piracy, video retailers would sell and rent more titles. Movie theatres would sell more tickets and popcorn. Corn growers would earn greater profits and buy more farm equipment.

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