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Thursday Night (2 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 28-June-2007  23:58:29 (GMT +10) - by Cryogenic

Hardspell have posted an article on what DirectX 10 will bring us and perhaps whether it is worthwhile upgrading to DirectX 10 hardware. Consumer doubt is because they do not understand deeply to the new generation products innovation characteristics, and today, we will explain the terms of the technical level, the actual game screenshots appreciation and the game performance tests to demonstrate the new technologies and characteristics advantages of DX10.

Although not a DirectX 10 game, RealWorld Benchmarks have posted an article on their preview of the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars public beta release. Apparently There has been a lot talk that about how this could be a Battlefield 2/2142 killer. Only time will tell i guess. From one games developer to another, Bit-tech have had a look at Valve Software's Steam platform, focusing on the apparent change in the way software is being distributed nowadays.

TrustedReviews have posted up a feature on their day out looking at some of the research currently going on at Intel. For some more insight into what goes on behind manufacturer's doors, hrad on over to RealWorld Benchmarks who have posted a writeup of their recent ECS Factory tour. Also, HardwareLogic have interviewed John Beekley, the VP of New Products and Applications for Corsair. Check it out here.

Still with memory, the HardwareZone have posted an article on the evolution of memory performance and take a good look into DDR3. DDR3 memory arrived with the launch of Intel P35 chipset, but do you need to upgrade your system for DDR3 compliance? Overclockers have been waiting for DDR3 for higher bandwidth and faster speeds, but it is worth the trade off from current low latency DDR2 memory? Answers inside.

Mac users are on the rise and they might be interested in what Techgage believe to be the top utilities for enhancing OS X. OS X has been praised for its simplicity, power, sophistication and functionality. But can this power and flexibility be improved upon? Today we will examine three OS X utilities, Quick Silver, OnyX and Path Finder that all claim they can. But can they? We are about to find out.

XBitLabs have posted up some information about nVidia's Hybrid SLi technology. Nvidia’s new Hybrid SLI technology will have two modes and that will target different applications: the Power Saving Mode, which will switch off discrete graphics core and use only integrated graphics engine when high performance is not needed, whereas Max Performance Mode will make integrated graphics processor (IGP) to assist discrete graphics processing unit (GPU) and boost performance when it is required.

If you think your current rig is quick, how does it compare to Sun's new Supercomputer? Although 62,976 CPU cores, 125 terabytes of memory, 1.7 petabytes of disk space, and 504 teraflops of performance could probably calculate pi to a few billion places in no time, I can't help but wonder how that supercomputer would go playing today's 3d games? Perhaps Sun might be interested in HardwareSecrets' tutorial on how you can test your PC's 3D performance using Quake 4, to find out. Or maybe they could squeeze out a few more mega FLOPs by following TechwareLabs' guide to Easy Overclocking. Hmm, probably not eh?

Finally, Craig sent word that the CIA have announced the release of two collections of historic documents to the public. If you'd rather bypass the press release and check out the documents directly, you can find them here.

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