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Friday Evening #2 (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 29-June-2007  23:34:32 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Ma Baker sent in an interesting thread where Bliaker is going for his first blood donation and enthusing other OCAU members to go and donate blood as well. Hey guys, Going for my first blood donation in late August! Who else wants to give away some uneeded blood?

TheTechzone have considered when Google will do hardware. Google has also produced a variety of applications designed specifically for the mobile environment. Gmail comes in a mobile version that is better suited for the smaller screens of Pocket PC devices. Google Maps have worked very well with KDDI cell phones in Japan, though they have yet to make quite as big a splash in North America.

Some guys from OCModShop have waited in line for an iPhone. It seems like more people like the party. While many have already camped out at the Apple stores, only a few had marked their territory at my local AT&T store (formerly Cingular, which was formerly AT&T). Only two lads had started the line, and they were there for the long haul, bringing a tent, coolers, and other camping gear to get them through the 18 additional hours they would have to wait. The iPhone officially goes on sale at 6:00pm on Friday.

Digitaltrends have posted some more info on the new Dell notebooks. Dell has been known for a lot of things over the years, some not very positive, and most having to do with providing good value for a price. A few years back, they came out with the XPS line. While it added some color, you wouldn't really call the product sexy, and the folks most likely to want to carry them were gamers with very large biceps.

Nintendo has released a game development kit for independant game developers who want to make games for the Wii, thanks BFM. NINTENDO HAS released a game-creation kit allowing independent developers to develop games for its Wii console for the first time. The firm said it will allow anyone to create and sell downloadable Wii games through its WiiWare scheme. From next year, such games will be flogged through the Wii Shop channel.

Phoronix have posted an open letter to AMD/ATI about their poor open source Linux drivers. David Stevens, a Linux user and Phoronix reader, had written a letter to ATI/AMD expressing concern over their lack of providing an official free software driver. David had asked this letter be made openly available and shared with our readers.

The Extreme Power Supply calculator has been updated with more modern processor models. eXtreme Power Supply Calculator - What power supply do I need ? To answer this question we came up with a tool that determines the overall computer power supply wattage as well as amperage required for +12V, +5V and +3.3V rails for your desktop computer, server, or any pc computer system that uses ATX power supply.

PCMech have posted a story about the decreasing product knowledge by sales people. This generally not-so-picky shopper uncovered the awful truth that salesmen are no longer experts in their field. This week's Kudos & Calamities focuses primarily on this very misfortune that is spreading through the digital retail world: salesmen, in general, are not well versed in the products they sell.

Ars Technica have posted an article about the increasing importance of power consumption by devices. I'm going to start this series with a discussion of power, because—as boring as it is to the performance-oriented enthusiast crowd—plain old wattage is the metric that constrains all others in the realm of computing for the foreseeable future. So much of what Intel showed at their research day had power as either a primary or a secondary theme that it's worth taking some time to look at a few of their power-related research projects.

More and more file sharing services and sites are dying after litigation. LokiTorrent, Scour, SuperNova.org, Aimster and the original Napster were just a few of those sued out of existence, the victims of the entertainment industry's fear of technology, say the companies' supporters. Media execs say justice was done. Those companies profited from illegal file sharing, they say, and enabled others to pick the pockets of actors, musicians and other copyright owners.

And finally, Silicon Angel sent in these amazing paper sculptures and art. Lately I have been working almost exclusively with white paper in different objects, paper cuts, installations and performances. Some of these objects and installations are copies of stairs and ladders made out of thin paper. These works derive from my earlier work, Bridge and Still life, dealing with dreams and the impossible - but here in a more fragile and almost sublime version.

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