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Sunday Evening (7 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 1-July-2007  18:43:52 (GMT +10) - by Rational

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Ma Baker sent in this thread with pics and details of OzTeXs' racing setup. Hi All, Thought I post some pics of my racing seat setup in my theatre room. I love racing games and it was only a matter of time before I got this setup happening. favorite car games ; Test Drive Unlimited - XB360 GTHD Demo - PS3 Forza 2 - XB360 Motorstorm - PS3

E-Tax 2007 has been released, thanks Fester2001. Once downloaded and installed onto your computer, the 2007 tax return program allows you to prepare and lodge online your income tax return and, if you are eligible, a baby bonus claim. If you are vision impaired, once you have installed this program you will be able to use it with common screen-reader software.

iPhone users are having issues activating it to the AT&T network. That was the easy part. I should have realized that if the customer service whizzes at AT&T could find a way to mar what was otherwise a perfectly pleasant experience, they would. After nearly nine hours, AT&T has yet to activate my iPhone, and it can't be used until they get around to it, hopefully sometime before 2008.

Also, it seems that iPhones are not selling out as expected. Coverage online reached such a feverish pitch that smitten geeks felt like they had one option: brave the crowds and the lines on June 28... or give up any hopes of getting an iPhone anytime soon. It was sure to be a sellout. Except it didn't happen this way; not exactly.

NASA is trying to connect with a younger audience by partnering with Web 2.0 social networking sites. It's not such a far-fetched idea, considering the space agency's current push to partner with Web 2.0 companies like Twitter and save itself from turning into a dinosaur in the Internet age. Some executives at the struggling NASA believe that if the agency can adopt Web technologies like Twitter--a social network for broadcasting thoughts online or via text message--then kids and the general public will be more connected to space exploration and inspired to learn about science.

Western Digital has bought a major platter manufacturer to compete with Seagate and Hitachi. Western Digital has bought hard disk media manufacturer Komag, in a $1bn cash deal that sets it on course to go vertically-integrated, like Seagate and Hitachi GST. The deal and the price look even more astonishing when you realise the WD used to own a disk platter business, but sold it at a loss in 1999 - to Komag.

Info about the death of a wrestler was posted to Wikipedia 14 hours before police learned of his death. THE internet vandal who sparked a mystery by posting information on Wikipedia about the death of the professional wrestler Chris Benoit's wife 14 hours before police learnt of the double murder-suicide claims the act was "an amazing coincidence".

It seems that things are still not going well for Hans Reiser, thanks Craig. Reiser is wearing the red jumpsuit of a prisoner in solitary confinement, though he has been allowed to meet with me in this chilly visiting room. There was a time when he was known as a cantankerous but visionary open source programmer. His work was funded by the government; he was widely credited (and sometimes reviled) for rethinking the structure of the Linux operating system. Now he is known as prisoner BFP563.

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