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Friday Morning (3 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 6-July-2007  10:53:32 (GMT +10) - by Cryogenic

NGOHQ were recently sent a letter from nVidia regarding the unauthorised distribution of Forceware drivers. They have posted their response. If you’re unaware, Israel is not a state in the United States. Israel is a small country in the Middle East. Therefore, the United States Copyright law and Section 106 do not apply here. This specific law applies only inside the United States borders. Follow the link to read more.

Legit Reviews have looked at adding a Xbox 360 HD DVD player to their desktop PC. Do you have an HDTV, but not made the move to High Definition media player? With Blu-ray and HD DVD players decreasing in price we recently picked up an Xbox 360 HD DVD player to use in conjunction with out Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC).

Gamers who are users of D3DGear might be interested to know a new version is out. Also for Internode Games Network users, Internode have 5000 Open Beta keys to give away. The World in Conflict Open Beta is due to start any day now - and, y'know, Massive Entertainment and Sierra seem to think we're decent people. Either that or they like you, because they've given us 5,000 Open Beta keys to give away. The Beta includes two new maps, plus a bonus multiplayer map for those of you clever enough to have preordered the game!

Phoronix have had a look at the current state of ATi Linux, a year after closing their ATI Redblog. It was on July 20, 2006 that I had issued The State of ATI Linux while ending off the ATI Redblog, which was a fifty-day experiment for using the ATI fglrx driver under Linux exclusively to see how well the driver really could compare to that of NVIDIA's binary competition. It's going on a year later and it's now time for this year's address as far as what I have seen from the driver in the past year and where I hope and believe the driver is going in the near future.

TweakGuide have made an update to their system guide. We've neglected the guide a little lately, but we've been swamped with other pursuits. In the meantime, the hardware landscape has been altered quite substantially. Processor and memory prices have plummeted, new CPUs and graphics cards have been released, Intel has rolled out a new generation of chipsets, and other manufacturers have introduced an array of new products to keep things interesting. Click on the link to see what they came up with.

Looks like some one has come up with a iPhone hack to bypass AT&T. Famed reverse engineer Jon Lech Johansen claims to have discovered a way to "activate" an iPhone without signing up for a contract with AT&T. The hack allows users to use the iPod and Wi-Fi capabilities of the devices, but doesn't allow use of its phone features. There is a link to the blog which goes through the hack here.

Tweaktown have gotten up close and personal with Shuttle, visiting their HQ in Taipei. There has been a lot of turmoil about Shuttle recently and there have been some rumours about the company being sold, but they’re not true according to the people we’ve spoken to. Shuttle is refocusing its product development and it is moving away from some of the low cost products it launched last year as they proved to be uncompetitive. The good news is that Shuttle has a solid launch schedule of new products that will be arriving in a steady stream over the next couple of months, with the first products appearing later this month.

Craig has found us some more interesting stuff for us. First, Asustek have developed a Manual Overclocking Tool for graphics cards which might be useful for not so experienced overclockers. Second, LG has sued the world's largest laptop maker over DVD Patents. Third, more litigation. It seems Google have lost their 'Gmail' trademark case against a guy who used the name before them. Fourth, it has been reported that many computer users still don't have adequate protection on their home PCs in Oz. And last, but not least, here is the history of the compact disc. Thanks again mate!

Stand by for reviews in 3... 2... 1...

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