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Friday Evening (4 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 6-July-2007  22:16:57 (GMT +10) - by Rational

The Nintendo DS and PS2 are doing surprisingly well in the Australian markets. Australia, July 5, 2007 - GfK Australia today released the latest figures for console and handheld sales in Australia. The figures - shown below - cover the second quarter of 2007, as well as total sales to date, and make for interesting reading. First up, the DS whomped every other platform over the three month period, selling close to three times as many units as the Wii and PS3, and well over three times as many units as the Xbox 360 and PSP.

Craig sent in this article about the iPhones non replaceable battery. The iPhone's battery is apparently soldered on inside the device and cannot be swapped out by the owner like most other mobile phones. Apple spokeswoman Jennifer Hakes said Thursday the company posted the battery replacement details on its web site last Friday after the product went on sale. Users would have to submit their iPhone to Apple for battery service. The service will cost users $US79 ($92), plus $US6.95 for shipping, and will take three business days.

Hellwig spotted this funny WOW themed cartoon entitled "The dangers of World of Warcraft". I’m sure we have plenty of World of Warcraft people out there. They might like this (or not)… lol

Check out these funny pics of Nvidia overclocking vitamins in promotion of Nvidia's new chipset with 1333fsb, cheers DiGiTaL_MoNkEY.

HardSpell has posted some DX10 Age of Conan pics. North America Funcom Company which developed Anarchy online will release Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures RPG. This game will be sold in the second quarter of 2007 and it is the first RPG game under Microsoft Vista. Funcom will take charge of the development while Microsoft provides Vista hardware and software support and see to issue and propagandize. And the game optimized for windows Vista specially.

Security researchers are auctioning off vulnerabilities to patch makers to try to reduce the amount of unpatched bugs out there. An online auction house has been created to bring together those who find the loopholes with the companies that can do something about them. It aims to close the gap between the small number of bugs investigated and the huge number thought to exist. By rewarding researchers, the auction house aims to prevent flaws getting in to the hands of hi-tech criminals.

It seems that insurance companies do not cover digital possessions so your expensive iTunes library is not able to be insured. Consumers building up extensive collections of digital music and movies should ensure their downloads are protected by their home insurance policy and will be replaced if the computers keeping them are damaged or stolen. Many insurers do not cover digital possessions, it has emerged. The days of popping down to your local record store and browsing through the racks are fading fast. Music downloads are quickly becoming music buyers' favoured medium, with online collections increasing in size rapidly.

The US government is preparing for a cyber wargames. More important, the government is setting up a new organization, the "Cyber Command," to prepare the country for similar cyber attacks and is also changing the focus of a scheduled three-week exercise in September—designed to test the financial sector's ability to respond to pandemics—to include simulating the response to cyberterrorism.

Wired have posted some of the creepiest games. Zombies! Bugs! Monsters! Video games have an extraordinary ability to creep you out. When you're watching a scary movie, it's the characters on screen who go find out what's hiding around the corner. But when you're playing a horror video game, you are the one who must creep into the darkness. This week's new games are filled with monsters that run the gamut from scary to silly, so feel free to choose your own level of freakout.

Cloned part humans, part robots are set to be a big threat in the future according to the Australian Federal Police Chief. Technology such as cloned part-robot humans used by organised crime gangs pose the greatest future challenge to police, along with online scamming, Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty says. Mr Keelty said the police force would have to use experts from the private sector to fight tech-savvy organised criminals, because it lacked the necessary skills.

TechGage have posted an article about configuring Mac OS X the easy way. In the past, customization for OS X has been difficult, if not next to impossible! With newer software tools however, it is possible to customize this ever popular modern OS to your liking. We examine the claims of several programs that help to make OS X feel like home.

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