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Sunday Evening + Project (1 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 8-July-2007  21:55:39 (GMT +10) - by Rational

click to see the worklog

Thomas has finished his ambitious water cooling project with some interesting results. That's it for now, there will only be small updates from now on, as I make final touches to add to the computer. You may have noticed that I haven't included any shots with side panels on, this is because I haven't modded them yet but I will eventually. I'm hoping to get some extreme overclocking done and the computer definately sounds like it is made for performance (3 fans through a rad does that to you).

Asus has released a motherboard with pre-installed DDR3 memory. Even though DDR3 memory technology offers some promises for higher performance, it is still not available widely, which is why Asustek Computer, the world’s largest producer of computer mainboards, decided to offer its customers a motherboard with pre-installed DDR3 modules and specifically tailored heat-spreaders

Apple is set to limit European iPhone launch. Apple will restrict the European launch of its multi-purpose iPhone to only Britain, France and Germany this year before a roll-out across Europe and Asia in 2008, the Financial Times has reported.

Swedish authorities are trying to shut down The Pirate Bay by using child porn as a reason to block it. First of all the Swedish anti-piracy lobby groups. They stated at an official meeting in Stockholm that child porn could be used for anti-piracy issues. Most people will probably agree that child porn is sick, but using it to filter the Internet is just disgusting. They should devote their time to catch people who upload that stuff instead. Or are they so desperate that they are uploading it themselves, so they have an argument to shut The Pirate Bay down? Let’s hope not.

TechARP have posted a PC power management guide. Computer performance have increased at an amazing rate in recent years, and unfortunately so does power consumption. An ultimate gaming system equipped with a quad-core processor, two NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra, 4 sticks of DDR2 memory and a few hard drives can easily consume 500W without doing anything! To reduce power wastage, a few industry standards have been developed to make our computers work more efficiently.

Researchers have worked out a way to store 500GB on DVD sized discs. A group of scientists working together with the Institute of Optics and Optical Technologies at the Technical University of Berlin claim to have discovered a way to store 500GB worth of data on DVD-sized discs. The scientists are members of the Microholas Project, coordinated by Dr. Susanna Orlic, which plans to double the storage capacity to 1TB by 2010

AMD have invested 7.5 million in Transmeta. Advanced Micro Devices announced Friday a $7.5 million investment in chip designer Transmeta, strengthening the bond between the two chip companies. As part of the investment, AMD will receive preferred shares of Transmeta. After the announcement, Transmeta shares rose 24 cents, or 34 percent, to 94 cents in late trading. Shares of AMD rose 20 cents, or 1.4 percent, to $14.39.

Sony has denied a PS3 price cut after rumours of a major US store doing so. Assuming the Circuit City story is accurate, it's difficult to swallow any large-scale retailer knocking $100 off the system independently. If Circuit City wanted to fuel a store-hatched rush on PS3s, dropping the price $50 or even $10 would make tons more sense (and rescue the store's already feeble margins on the hardware).

Someone claiming to have invented a free energy device and offering public demonstration withdrawn the offer citing technical difficulties. Violating the laws of physics will have to wait till another day. Steorn, the Irish tech firm that had been planning to demonstrate its "free energy" technology this week in London, has canceled the show, citing a string of irreparable technical difficulties.

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