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Sunday Afternoon (13 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 22-July-2007  16:59:22 (GMT +10) - by Agg

It's quiet when everyone else is reading Harry Potter, isn't it? :) Speaking of which, they may be able to catch the person who leaked the book thanks to EXIF info in the photos. The serial number itself would not necessarily give away the name of the owner, Canon said, as it can only match serial numbers with owners if the purchaser registers the device after buying it. Every time a Canon camera is serviced, however, the serial number and owner are logged together. Surely using personal info to nab someone isn't going to make Canon very popular.

Apparently the "One Laptop Per Child" computers have ended up being used to browse porn, thanks fen. Hooray, internet wins again!

The Mars Rovers are copping a battering from sandstorms on the red planet. "We're rooting for our rovers to survive these storms, but they were never designed for conditions this intense,'' said NASA associate administrator Alan Stern. Meanwhile NASA have made an Interactive Space Station Reference Guide (click the picture on the right in that link).

Sniper sent in this article about 3D television. They're images on a TV in high definition - and in perfect 3D. They look life-sized and real, and I'm not wearing any silly spectacles other than the ones I wear all the time.

Of course when you do get your 3D TV, you'll need a $13,416 cable and a $485 volume knob to get the best sound out of it. Thanks to folks in IRC for those.

Or you could blow your cash on a iPod made of gold instead. Ok, it is a bit more expensive than the normal Shuffle because it is made out of "real" Gold. German Company Xexoo offering the iPod Shuffle made out of 18 carat gold for about 14,000 EUR ($19.343).

An Australian weather-prediction modelling expert has been involved in solving the game of chequers, with a Canadian computer called Chinook. However, it was not until April 29, 2007 that the development team was able to announce that Chinook had completely solved the game of checkers. The program can no longer do worse than achieving a draw even if a perfect game is played against it.

JimX spotted this odd story about hidden or cryptic species that look identical to another species but are genetically different, like the two kinds of African elephant. In the early 1900s misidentification of mosquito species based on morphology confounded attempts to control malaria in Europe. Ultimately, what was thought to be a single species was actually made up of six sibling species, only three of which transmitted the disease.

A recent study has found AMD more power-efficient than Intel. Specifically, the independent computer-testing firm announced today that it, in the tests, "the AMD based server used 7.3 to 15.2 percent less power at five different user load levels and 44.1 percent less power while the systems were idle and waiting for work." Power efficiency is good, but I hope AMD don't end up going down a VIA-like road of low-power CPUs with Intel alone in the performance arena.

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