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Monday Afternoon (1 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 23-July-2007  13:05:31 (GMT +10) - by Rational

APC have posted some useful tips for a better way to get wireless next G broadband. Want to join Next G for wireless broadband but you're put off by the lengthy contracts that Telstra demands? I have the solution. There are many ways to legitimately sign up for NextG without having to take on a long term commitment. For example, it is possible to purchase the Bigpond USB mobile dongle for $249.00 at some places like Australia Post without signing up to a contract -- the idea is you buy the device, and then as an obedient customer, go home and sign up to the plan and contract.

Bit-Tech have posted their thoughts on the future of the Physx PPU. Maybe Unreal Tournament 3 will be that game which first crosses the line between simply providing extra eye candy and providing a fundamentally different game experience with a must-have status, but we wonít know it until the game is released and this is what really illustrates the problem Ageia faces; without a string of must-have games set up to use the PPU, few gamers will risk investing in a new piece of hardware.

They also checked out the Samsung 32GB SSD drive. Going back some, the invention of the spinning metal disk and moving head was a huge innovation over old(er) school tapes, bringing down random access times and increasing density and life-spans. However, itís already been 25 years since then so we're long overdue for another monumental storage change. The continual development of the aforementioned spinning disks has had to solider on, simply because there has been nothing else to challenge it for size, cost and reliability.

HardcoreWare have looked into quality control in technology today. HCW Tech Blog takes a look at recent hardware issues Microsoft has been having (with a $5 million lawsuit against them for scratched game discs). Is this going to be the next "Red Ring of Death" problem? How will it be proven that the scratched discs are even their fault? How do we even know if this is a hardware problem and not due to poorly written software? We also look at other cases like this in the past, like Intel's infamous "FDIV Bug"

Search engines are working on updated their privacy policies due to comsumer privacy concerns. The major search engines are racing to outdo each other in updating their data retention policies in an attempt to assuage concerns that they keep consumer search data too long. The latest to go public with their moves are Microsoft and Yahoo.

OCZ have announced some DDR3 1800mhz (PC3-14400) memory, which is pretty fast. OCZ Technology today announced new PC3-14400 DDR3 memory modules. The new PC3-14400 modules raise the bar to 1800 MHz, up 200 MHz from Super Talentís previously announced offering. OCZ rates the new PC3-14400 modules with 8-8-8 timings, higher than Kingstonís CL5 memory modules.

An unauthorized non Apple "Hello World" application is working on the iPhone. The first unauthorised iPhone application is up and running thanks to the efforts of a group of programmers that have taken on the challenge of unlocking the iPhone. Admittedly, the application doesn't do much - it's the "Hello World" program beloved by generations of programmers as their first efforts in a new language or for a new platform - but it is a start.

OLPC $100 laptop production is beginning. Five years after the concept was first proposed, the so-called $100 laptop is poised to go into mass production. Hardware suppliers have been given the green light to ramp-up production of all of the components needed to build millions of the low-cost machines. Previously, the organisation behind the scheme said that it required orders for 3m laptops to make production viable.

Consumers are looking for compact DSLR style cameras of which there is currently a gap in the market. But for the enthusiast who wants a smaller alternative to the bulky but high-performance SLR, or single-lens reflex, camera, it's slim pickings. "There's a gap in the market for a certain class of camera for somebody who's got a digital SLR and wants those capabilities at the times they're not carrying an SLR," said Lyra Research analyst Steve Hoffenberg.

Dan has posted some more questions and answers. In this edition: Memory map mysteries, very expensive flashlights, running DSLRs on AAs, voltage conversion, headphone attenuation, and some more constructive criticism.

Todays timewaster from Matt, it is a series of funny little games and movies from Microsoft about Vista's hardware certification process.

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