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Wednesday Morning (4 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 25-July-2007  10:39:49 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Myspace has deleted 29,000 convicted sex offenders from their website. Popular Internet social network MySpace said on Tuesday it detected and deleted 29,000 convicted sex offenders on its service, more than four times the figure it had initially reported. The company, owned by media conglomerate News Corp., said in May it had deleted about 7,000 user profiles that belonged to convicted offenders. MySpace attracts about 60 million unique visitors monthly in the United States.

Nine million people are now on World of Warcraft, up from 8 million in January. It was only January this year when WOW was hovering at 8 million active players . Then the first expansion pack for the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Phenomena was released. The Burning Crusade saw a leap in activity as fans hunkered down to the level grind of gaming in a whole new arena of the Warcraft world.

In June, Vista's market share hit 4.5%, while Mac OS X is at 6% and Windows XP with around 82% in the same month. Windows Vista's share of online users has increased every month this year, while rival Mac OS X -- to which Vista has often been compared -- has shown little, if any, growth, a metrics company reports. According to Net Applications, in June Windows Vista accounted for 4.52% of all systems that browsed the Web, up from January's 0.18%.

Seagate are soon to abandon IDE drives in favour for SATA. CHANNEL SOURCES said Seagate has briefed them that it's the end of the road for IDE hard drives. Or files, as IBM ludicrously continued to call them for years. Nearly all top end drives are likely to go the serial ATA (S-ATA) route by the end of the year. Parallel ATA has had a long run but will soon follow eight inch floppy drives, 5.25-inch drives and 3.5-inch floppies on the road to nowhere. Channel sources said Seagate roadmaps show IDE is at the end of the, er, road.

Intel price cuts are filtering into various retailers. Intel last week released a new lineup of 1333 MHz front-side bus processors at low price points, but held off price cuts for existing processors until July 22. The day has arrived and Intel price cuts for existing Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors are going into effect at various retailers.

US Politicians are claiming P2P is a threat to national security. WASHINGTON--Politicians charged on Tuesday that peer-to-peer networks can pose a "national security threat" because they enable federal employees to share sensitive or classified documents accidentally from their computers. At a hearing on the topic, Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) said, without offering details, that he is considering new laws aimed at addressing the problem.

The boss of Acer says that Windows Vista is disappointing and the whole industry shares the same view. The head of Taiwan-based personal computer maker Acer, Gianfranco Lanci, hit out at Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system, saying that the "entire industry" was disappointed by it. "The entire industry is disappointed by Windows Vista," the head of the world's fourth-biggest PC maker told the Financial Times Deutschland in its online edition on Monday.

AMD is gearing up for a 3.2Ghz Athlon processor. IT SEEMS THAT the era of the Athlon 64 X2 will end with a product with numbered 6400+. The company is obviously battling out leakage issues with K10 processors, as Charlie reports. So it makes perfect sense to tweak up the existing line-up as high as possible.

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