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Tuesday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 21-May-2002  14:03:52 (GMT +10) - by Agg

MWP has performed some PHP trickery in the PC DataBase, so it's not so CPU-intensive anymore. A couple of times recently the PCDB has attracted so much attention that we've had to turn it off for the sake of the server, but that should be a thing of the past now. Thanks MWP!

Most users ever online was 427 on 20th May 2002 at 09:41 PM. - That's right, we beat the forum record again, by 5 people. I didn't cheat this time (by putting lots of threads on the news page).. but I guess a few people are checking out the folding giveaway thread.

Hellfire spotted that the open-source movement are starting to join the protest against the so-called "Hollings Bill".. because it seems this overzealous copyright-protection bill could make Linux illegal.

Heist reminded me of something I received the other day.. a notice from troubled ISP XiS that customers should be sure to check their email so they keep up to date with account changes, billing information etc. Of course, XiS sent this reminder via email..

NEC has some Crusoe-based laptops, thanks Brian.. Low heat. No fans.

Dan has posted an article about lies, damned lies, and marketing. It contains the word "pinguid", and links to a site about Transformers.

Apparently the desktop Thoroughbred CPU from AMD is coming on June 10, according to ExtremeTech. Of course, OCAU readers already know about Thoroughbred from our article/review from a coupla weeks ago.

Spotted by Morgan on Slashdot, apparently Microsoft has suddenly changed the privacy preferences for all Hotmail users. They're now sharing your name and other personal information with third parties, even if you said you didn't want that when you signed up. Glad I have a real email account, so I don't get flooded with spam.. hangon, I do.. damnit. Morgan further notes that page has interesting replies about opera/mozilla and Kazashi says: Just to let you and Opera users out there know that they can gain access to the necessary Hotmail settings by momentarily identifying their browser as MSIE 5.0 or similar through their network settings. If there are actually any alternative browser users that use Hotmail....

Forum-goer Whitey Ford is organising a Sydney Cruise through the Royal National Park (south of Sydney) on the 2nd of June.. more info in that thread.

Hexus have been hacking the Koolance GPU cooler so it fits on GF4 Ti4400/Ti4600 cards.

PCStats say that KT333CE stumbles at 166MHz FSB, some benchmark analysis.

GrimRaeper spotted more info on defeating broken audio copyright controls that prevent (legal) CD's working in some players, by using a marker pen or sticky tape. More info here, thanks Lando. Note that under Oz's recent federal copyright laws this is probably illegal, which is annoying because otherwise you may not be able to play a CD that you legally own in your CD player.

Interesting article on Wired about how the X-Files is not so far-fetched.

LivePC have an article about building a cheap webcam or digicam.

Trout notes that after 7 years, 3DNews.net have shut down - it's time to move on.

Tee laughs at news that an Internet Explorer (IE) security patch released last Wednesday may expose a potential new vulnerability..

Mike Magee over @ TheInq has an axe to grind over Intel's apparent attitude towards journalists.

Sounds like the Gainward Ti4200's might be something to look out for - Craig says: hi from nz. i recieved the 64mb version of gainwards ti4200 yesterday and it rocks in nz sells for 460nz dollars. its been running stable at 290 core and 590 memory for the last 24hrs with solid benchmarking, torture testing all night on an abit kt7a raid with an unlocked tbird running at 1466mhz 512mb crucial 2-2-2 sdram 3d mark se 2001 scores 8700. my point is that these speeds are only 10mhz shy of the ti4600 now for 460nz dollars that got to be the bargain of the century. From Simon: With the help of my Asus P4S533 and P4 1.6a @ 2.56 I got my Gainward Ti4200 128MB GS up to 340/575 (standard cooling) and a 3dmark2k1 score of 12590! Its currently the quickest in the database. Seems the Gainward cards are good overclockers, my friends one did 337/570. PCDB entry here, 3dmark2k1 compare here.

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