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Wednesday Afternoon (4 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 8-August-2007  16:26:39 (GMT +10) - by skootyloops

Firstly, Paul has sent in that Apple has updated its iMac design. Apple has updated its iMac computers with a slimmer design, faster chips and glossy screens, hoping to further propel sales that already outpace the rest of the PC industry.

Stuart has sent in information about an Antivirus Fight Club. Morris will take 20 viruses that are roaming about on the Internet and introduce them to machines protected by each AV product. Who will be left standing, and who will be left a bloody mess on the floor, is anyone’s guess. Morris is quite sure Clam, the open source champ, will leave most of the big guys in the dust.

Microsoft is releasing another Zune player. On the heels of the Halo 3 Edition black Zune, Microsoft is introducing a new brown version of the Halo-themed player for military service members. After receiving feedback on the popularity of the Zune players from U.S. soldiers, teams from Microsoft Zune and Microsoft's U.S. Federal business joined together to develop a special Zune - Halo 3 Military Edition, which will be available exclusively at military retail stores in August.

OCZ Have released a SPD programming utility. OCZ Technology this week opened up a public beta test of its SPD-Z utility. The SPD-Z utility allows users to reprogram the SPD chip on OCZ memory modules. The SPD chip on memory modules contains information of the module’s capabilities, such as speed and latencies.

AMD Have updated their Professional Graphics Accelerators Lineup. ATI, graphics product group of Advanced Micro Devices, has updated its lineup of professional graphics cards with the new Radeon HD 2000-series processors, which promise to improve performance substantially thanks to unified shader architecture as well as some software tricks. Besides, the new ATI FireGL V8650 is the first single-chip graphics card with a frame-buffer of 2GBs.

DigiTimes reports that Intel are pushing two new technologies into the X38 chipset. Intel is currently developing two new technologies which will be introduced along with the upcoming high-end X38 chipset, according to sources at motherboard makers. Both technologies target the enthusiast market. The two new technologies are named Extreme Memory and Extreme Tuning Utility. Both new marketing lead architectures will be introduced along with the X38 chipset in October this year, according to motherboard makers.

Lastly FLB has sent in an interesting article with an iPhone running Windows XP. Hey PC fanboys, now you can use this shot of a Windows XP display at an AT&T store when those smug Mac worshipers tell you about how such-and-such Zune commercial was made on a Mac, and how "all media types and artists" use Macs. Windows runs the world, baby.

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