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Friday Morning. (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 24-May-2002  03:46:43 (GMT +10) - by Darkness'

Telstra seem to like to put their foot in it lately, the latest blunder being user web sites deleted AGAIN. All though some have been restored some people haven't been so lucky.

Linux for playsation 2 is now selling in Australia. "LINUX (FOR PLAYSTATION®2) allows you to utilize the PlayStation®2 console as a fully-functional desktop computer."

There is a list of exclusive upcoming Xbox titles up. "Ed Fries, vice president of Xbox game content, provided an overview of these titles lined up exclusively for the Xbox." There's a few screenshots there aswell.

Thinking of switching over to linux? There is an article to aid your thinking process. It covers a few things like how to choose what distro is the right one for you. OR if you're in the market to buy a set of new speakers, there is a guide to help you through that one too. Sheesh, everything is done for you these days :)

Speaking of which, how would you like your own robot that opens your beer for you! "The robot operates by rolling along a bar, taking the bottle, steadying it, putting the opener under the cap and lifting it before backing away from the bottle." Cheers, erm.. Lord Funky Biscuit?

Also the mario bros. movie linked in the post below isn't the full version. The full one can be found here. Quite a funny flick if you're a mario fan :)

There is a new LAN about to start up in Brisbane called Lan-o-lot. Check it out if you're up there.

CPU3d have some pictures of the upcoming p4 northwood 2.53ghz.

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Viper Lair newsletter competition.
Our very own folding competition. Where all you have to do is fold for OCAU to be in the draw to win free hardware! Plus it's for a great cause. So if you haven't signed up already you might want to do so! Fold on guys!

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