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Sunday Morning (3 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 2-September-2007  01:31:27 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Happy Fathers Day! Especially to those of you who, like me, are celebrating their first Fathers Day as a father. :)

XbitLabs wonder if ultra-small hard drives make sense in a world full of USB flash drives. Hard disk drives built on 1-inch platters and USB flash drives. Same size, same storage capacity, same functionality. But similar technologies very rarely can exist side by side: competition inevitably eliminates one of them. Which one has better chances today?

From aftahours: The release of Google Sky has been all over the news. But there's more! A flight simulator was also launched in the latest release, although as a hidden feature. Install the latest version, hit Crtl+Alt+A and start flying!

Apparently there's another Sony rootkit drama in the works, with people reporting annoying software on some of their USB sticks. More info here, thanks mpot.

SharkyExtreme have a Value Gaming PC Buyer's Guide, while PCStats have a September Shopping List.

TweakTown report on Day 1 and Day 2 of Comex 2007 in Singapore. Comex is open to the general public and everything is on sale, something we’re not at all used to. HWZone have a report too.

Atomic have an overclocking competition coming up soon. Now it’s on! The winner of Stage 2 will fight it out with Atomic’s own Josh Collins at Sydney’s super luxurious Minus 5 Bar at Circular Quay!

Motherboards.org compare the Intel V8 and AMD 4X4 platforms. First off let me say that both these systems are great and owning either one is a privilege as they exceed the normal standards of what most home users need to accomplish their daily tasks.

XbitLabs meanwhile wonder if the cheap quad-core CPUs from Intel are worthy adversaries of the popular dual-core options. While AMD keeps postponing the launch of their quad-core processors to the end of this year – beginning of next, Intel Company is offering very affordable quad-core CPUs from Core 2 Quad family. However, can Core 2 Quad processors be regarded as a worthy alternative to popular dual-core solutions?

Dan explores user interface disasters: When executed particularly stylishly, they actually completely mystify you every time, reducing you to precedent-free trial and error as you attempt to make the thing in question do what you want.

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