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Tuesday Afternoon (3 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 4-September-2007  13:28:08 (GMT +10) - by Cryogenic

Some interesting stuff submitted by OCAU Forum members. Aftahours sent in a link to this look at an old Mac User Manual. Genesis sent in some vids showing AMD's Barcelona core processors, here and here. Shadowman sent in what appears to be a 1 horsepower vehicle. And Tusker sent in a couple interesting links regarding Firefox and ad-blocking, here and here. Thanks guys, keep sending it in!

LegionHardware have done a comparison between nVidia and ATi's current high-end graphics cards. Using the latest official drivers we put the GeForce 8800 series head to head with the Radeon HD 2900XT in titles such as Bioshock, World in Conflict, Medal of Honour: Airborne and a number of other popular games. This will be our final comparison between these high-end graphics cards, as we eagerly await the next generation of ATI and Nvidia graphics cards.

Phoronix have posted an article entitled "The ATI R500 on Linux: Then and Now". In this article today we are going back to test the original 8.24.8 display driver and compare it directly against the latest driver available as of today, the 8.40.4 fglrx release.

Looking into the future of Intel, TechARP have had a chat to Intel's APAC Director of Marketing. Right after our talk with John Freude of AMD, we also had the opportunity to talk to Tim Bailey, Intel's APAC Director of Marketing about Intel's future plans. He touched on everything from the Penryn which is just-over-the-horizon to Intel's next-generation 32 nm process technology. Let's start with Penryn.

Looking at some CPU tech, HardwareSecrets have updated their article on AMD's HyperTransport Bus to include the latest version, 3.0. If you want more, they also have just posted an article on AMD's K10 architecture, here.

If you're looking for some modding inspiration, head over to bit-tech who have posted their August Mod-Of-The-Month entries. On the other hand if you're as lazy as me, you could just let the hackers do some creative work to your PC for you.

Finally, the latest installment of Ask Dan takes a look at "Power Supply puzzlement".

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