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Wednesday Morning (7 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 5-September-2007  01:57:14 (GMT +10) - by aftahours

OCInside has a look at the current offerings from ASRock, covering 13 AMD and Intel motherboards.

OCModShop have a chat with the CEO of Auran, who showed them the current state of Fury, which Tony Hilliam (the CEO), who describes it as World of Warcraft on steroids, mixed with a healthy dose of Unreal Tournament. It's definitely got my attention!

Phalanx gave us the heads up about Google Inc. taking another step Friday in its continued attempts to improve its relationships with wire services, when it announced a program to host full articles from news agencies on Google News pages.

Justin sent in an interesting lawsuit that has developed over in the states, regarding a man that got arrested for refusing to show is receipt at Circuit City (an electronics store). You can read about what has unfolded over the last few days here, which is infact written by the man himself.

TechwareLabs has published a guide to driver errors and how to fix them. Read the full guide, here.

ASE Labs brings up the subject of technology, and if our society has begun to burst at the seems due to this influx of terrible technology...

From Peter: The Sydney Morning Herald has an article and a link to pictures of what is the most sensitive part of a US ballistic missile submarine -its propeller thanks to Microsoft's alternate to Google Earth. Interestingly, if you install Live, the image you get is much less clearly defined. If you then look a bit further down the map, in Bremerton Naval yard you see a new aircraft carrier underconstruction. The same location ( 47°33'16.96"N,122°38'35.84"W) just shows the initial construction and hull outline.

Recently TTGamer had a chance to attend the World Cyber Games 2007 Australian Championship in Sydney, covering the winners of the event, as well as some of the side shows on offer. More info, here.

From Speedracer: Here is a weekly short but hilarious video review hosted by The Escapist magazine called Zero Punctuation, created by a guy named Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, a British expat based in Australia. The humour is rapid with at times, scathing commentaries on games and gamers but hilarious to those who know a little about the subject. And in my opinion, definitely worth a watch.

Sat Nav can be a huge aid when driving on unfamiliar roads, but apparently not in Wales, where a council has put up a sign warning lorry drivers to ignore their satellite navigation systems after faulty sat-nav directions caused traffic chaos.

Opera 9.5 Alpha has been released. Cybernet has a preview up showing the speed increases and bug fixes that they have accomplised with this new release.

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