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Sunday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 9-September-2007  06:47:08 (GMT +10) - by aftahours

Tech arp has posted a new article on their site, The AMD NDA Scandal. "Just two weeks ago, we reported that a Thai journalist walked out of the hush-hush (AMD event in Singapore over a controversial NDA that required him to "send any stories to the vendor before his newspaper can publish it".AMD categorically denied it happened, but today, we not only have proof that it happened, we also have the sordid details of the entire affair."

Phoronix have yet another article about the 8.41 ATI drivers for linux, this time they are looking exclusively at the image quality while gaming with the ATI Radeon HD 2900XP 512MB under Linux.

Copyright measures are increasingly becoming bothersome to some gamers. A recent example of this was the recently launched game, BioShock. Tech arp have an article posted about this ever increasing inconvenience.

It seems as though hardware manufacturers finally got tired of being forced into AMD products if they bought an AMD motherboard, or NVIDIA products if they bought an NVIDIA board. And so, Voodoo PC (owned by HP) decided to fix that. Using an unknown method, Voodoo is giving customers the option to get either CrossFire or SLI in a computer built around an NVIDIA SLI platform. Full read here, on Custom PC

Intel issued marching orders today that several Core Solo, Core Duo, Celeron and one Core 2 Quad chip will be discontinued shortly. As Intel prepares the upcoming 45nm, these older processors will no longer be available after the dates shown in this table on TGDaily.

On the topic of new Intel CPUs, ZDNet have an article here about the new Tigerton quad-core chip. "Codename Caneland, its much-awaited Xeon MP 7300 server platform comprises the new "Tigerton" quad-core Xeon 7300 series chip, as well as the "Clarksboro" 7300 chipset."

"Telstra has been ordered to hand over thousands of secret emails and documents belonging to chief executive Sol Trujillo and the executive team to government lawyers as part of a bitter court battle between the two parties." - From this article over on AustralianIT.

Xbit Labs has a roundup of thirteen 20" LCD Monitors from Asus, BenQ, Dell, HP, LG, NEC, Philips, Samsung and Viewsonic posted here.

Bit-tech have a feature posted on Linux CLI 101, which, I just discovered, means Linux Command Line Interface 101. The whole linux thing still looks way too confusing for me. :(

From Jason over at Big-Bruin: In between trips to the bar and stops with the hors d’oeuvre waiters, I spent some time checking out each item on display at the Seagate NYC Blogger Event held on September 05, 2007, and compiled this summary of what the present and near future at Seagate looks like. With items such as the D.A.V.E., Momentus and Barracuda FDE drives, and the brand new OneTouch 4 series of external hard drives from Maxtor on hand, there were plenty of interesting items to check out.

Now, time to get some beauty sleep...

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