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Wednesday Afternoon (1 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 12-September-2007  16:14:59 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Craig spotted this alarming news about a worm spreading through the Windows version of Skype. Skype has learned that a computer virus called w32/Ramex.A is affecting users of Skype for Windows. Users whose computers are infected with this virus will send a chat message to other Skype users asking them to click on a web link that can infect the computer of the person who receives the message.

PCMech have posted an article about ditching desktops for laptops and some of the risks involved. Laptop usage has definitely been on the increase lately. I cannot find any actual numbers, so that observation is subjective. However, I think it is totally accurate. Laptop prices have reduced dramatically. Today, you can buy a very nice laptop for under $1,000 without even having to work that hard.

They have also checked out some things that they would like to see from Google. They do a lot of things right, and they have made the internet a much better and more useful place than it was before they existed. Now, that said, there are things that I really wish Google would do. They arent perfect. So, here is my Google wish list.

HardwareZone have taken a look at Intel Caneland adding a new dimension in the high performance server market. While AMD just had its fanfare debut of the Barcelona, elsewhere Intel is busy ushering in their latest 4-way "Caneland" platform which also encompasses the new Xeon MP "Tigerton" processors. We take a look at what's in store for the high performance computing crowd.

Neoseeker have posted some of their thoughts on Barcelona from AMD. A few select sites on the net were fortunate enough to receive Barcelona's to test before the launch, and after looking at those reviews, it has become apparent that while Barcelona is a nice upgrade from dual core Opteron's, it is not yet up to trying to take the performance crown back from Intel.

Bennet spotted an article about a retail copy of Halo 3 spotted on Ebay. But an enterprising (or should that be thieving) Aussie has somehow managed to get his mitts on two retail PAL copies of the game, which he promptly placed on eBay. It's obvious they're the Australian versions, thanks to the whopping big OFLC rating on the front cover (it's an M by the way - doh, no high-level MA15+ violence this time around!)

OCIA have updated their mainstream system buyers guide for this month. Our guides are designed with overclocking in mind, so we often select lower-end processors / memory / video cards to save money, because we know these can be overclocked to equal or outperform higher priced hardware. All of our guides exclude common components such as a mouse, keyboard, monitor, OS, etc., under the assumption that you already own these items.

The Apple iPhone has been fully unlocked with a free open source tool, all before its release in Australia. But instead of just swiping the iPhone Dev Team's method, hackers started looking for different ways to achieve the same results now they knew a baseband flash could be done, and a certain Zappaz finally struck gold after working on it all Monday night and well into Tuesday. But that was only the beginning.

Even now, Vista's sales are still not as popular as Windows XP. Sales of boxed copies of Windows Vista continue to significantly trail those of Windows XP during its early days, according to a soon-to-be-released report. Standalone unit sales of Vista at U.S. retail stores were down 59.7 percent compared with Windows XP, during each product's first six months on store shelves, according to NPD Group.

Let todays timewaster be these three articles from Damn Interesting. The first one is about the building of the BAM - a Soviet railine in Siberia, high altitude spying and finally rocket mail.

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