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Friday Afternoon (6 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 14-September-2007  15:36:00 (GMT +10) - by aftahours

Making headlines this afternoon is Microsoft, and how they have been patching files on Windows systems without the user's knowledge, even with auto updates turned off. More info here, and here.

Xphilz has brought this article to our attention, which states Germany is warning it citizens to avoid using Wi-Fi, because of the risks it may pose to health. Nothing tinfoil hats can't fix! ;)

I saw this on Digg earlier, which is simply a heap of creative and amusing 404 pages.

Here is a collection of photos where the photographers have captured some great images that 'occur between the seconds'.

Telstra has upgraded its cable speeds in Sydney and Melbourne, offering users a bump to 30Mbps. Optus are also considering their upgrade options as well.

Japanese carmaker Nissan is taking a futuristic, all-electric mini car to the upcoming Frankfurt motor show in the hope of wooing tomorrow's drivers. The company says the hatchback Mixim with its rakish styling and gull-wing doors should appeal to gamers and other young people who spend more time on their computers than they do thinking about cars. More info here, on TheAge.

The Nintendo Wii has defeated the Xbox and Playstation 3 in worldwide sales, topping a total of a massive 9 million.

Hardware secrets explain to us in this new article how memory cache works. The memory cache is a high-speed memory available inside the CPU in order to speed up access to data and instructions stored in RAM memory. In this tutorial we will explain how this circuit work in an easy to follow language.

Hardware Zone have been playing with the new Sony Ericsson K770i. We managed to get some hands on time with Sony Ericsson's upcoming 3G Cyber-shot phone and we have to say that the K770i is a sexy beast in a slim, compact body. Check out our little preview right here and find out more.

Today sees the launch of the 'PSP Slim & Lite' across Australia, a fact that we'd forgotten until we rocked up at work this morning and found our local Sony rep sleeping outside the office, brand new box clutched tight to his chest, waiting, like some kind of homeless Santa, to present us with a machine hot off the production lines. Full article here.

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