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Sunday Morning (8 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 16-September-2007  09:26:07 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Mediadefender, a notorious anti-piracy company has accidentally leaked 700Mb of company emails which details many things about the internal workings of the company, thanks Enigma. Over 700mb of their own internal emails, dating back over 6 months have been leaked to the internet in what will be a devastating blow to the company. Many are very recent, having September 2007 dates and the majority involve the most senior people in the company. Apparently this is not the first time that a MediaDefender email leaked onto the Internet.

Here is another article following up to the iPod restrictions being implemented by Apple. The latest iPods have a cryptographic "checksum" in their song databases that prevents third-party applications from synching with the portable music players. This means that iPods can no longer be used with operating systems where iTunes doesn't exist -- like Linux, where gtkpod and Amarok are common free tools used by iPod owners to load their players.

SCO has filed for bankruptcy, for those who don't know SCO legally pursued many Linux vendors and users, thanks Gary. Here's the title of the press release: "The SCO Group Files Chapter 11 to Protect Assets as It Addresses Potential Financial and Legal Challenges", which you can find here. They say reorganization "ensures business as usual." You can find information on Chapter 11 bankruptcy here.

Microsoft are relaunching their discounted Office program for college students after it was trialled in Australia some time ago. For college students who want Office 2007, but don't want to pay Microsoft a fortune, the software maker is offering another option: Steal it. Well, actually Microsoft isn't encouraging piracy. Rather it is launching a promotion, dubbed "Ultimate Steal," in which college students can get the ultra high-end Ultimate edition of Office for just $60.

Bit-Tech have checked out homebrew Nintendo DS to see what it is all about. Itís weird then that the DS homebrew scene is still avoided by many, who fear that homebrew is blatantly illegal and tough to get working. With the hardware weíve detailed above itís merely a case of drag-and-drop and the homebrew community is just about large and friendly enough to help people with real problems through any problems crop up.

XBitLabs have unanalyzed the performance of graphics accelerators during media playback. High-definition video on PC has become very widely spread over the past couple of months: full-HD monitors are currently available for $500, Blu-Ray optical drives sell at about $250, and the leading graphics processor developers are already offering inexpensive chips that are promised to free the CPUs completely from video-data decoding. But is it all as simple as it seems? Letís try to find out together!

TechARP have considered if surround sound is really necessary for gaming. Speaker manufacturers have always expounded the benefits of a 5.1 speaker system for gamers - more accurate audio positioning, better spatial effects, larger soundstage, etc. But are surround sound systems really necessary for better gaming?

Andrew spotted this article for people who are having network slowdown issues in Vista. A few weeks ago a poster with the handle dloneranger reported in the 2CPU forums that he experienced reduced network throughput on his Vista system when he played audio or video. Other posters chimed in with similar results, and in the last week attention has been drawn to the behavior by other sites, including Slashdot and Zdnet blogger Adrian Kingsley-Hughes.

A Soviet doomsday device may seem like something out of Dr Strangelove but apparently it exists, and is still active. The Soviet doomsday device -- a giant cobalt bomb rigged to explode were Russia ever nuked, rendering the earth's surface uninhabitable -- gained fictional fame in Dr. Strangelove. However, P.D. Smith's Doomsday Men, available in the UK and due for stateside publication in December, tells the story of the real Doomsday device -- and it's still armed.

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