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Wednesday Morning (7 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 19-September-2007  06:31:47 (GMT +10) - by Rational

SCO is blaming Linux for their bankruptcy, thanks Fester. SCO Group CEO Darl McBride says competition from the open source Linux operating system was a major reason why the company was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Friday. In a court filing in support of SCO's bankruptcy petition, McBride noted that SCO's sales of Unix-based products "have been declining over the past several years."

Sciby spotted this article about a urine powered battery made by a Japanese company. Before you flush the toilet, you might want to check the power level in your batteries. You could be flushing away a free source of energy. In 2005, Scientists in Singapore developed a battery powered by urine. The Scientists were able to produce electric power using liquid as a catalyst thanks to a special mixture of magnesium and carbon inside the batteries.

The inventor of the Killacycle, the high performance electric motorcycle which appeared on the newspage a while ago, has crashed, almost killing himself, thanks Alex. The inventor of the “KillaCycle” electric motorcycle almost killed himself during a demonstration at the Wired NextFest conference. Bill Dube, a government scientist during the day and electric bike builder at night, did a “burn out” in front of the Los Angeles Convention Center, but accidentally accelerated too much and crashed into a Minivan.

Techreport have posted of Intel's upcoming Nehalem and Penryn processor technologies from IDF. Intel has revealed that its next-generation "Nehalem" CPU microarchitecture is complete and that it's on track for delivery in the second half of 2008. Nehalem will pack as many as eight CPU cores onto a single die, each of which will be capable of executing two threads, allowing up to 16 threads to be executed simultaneously on a single chip.

Phoronix have checked out the new Linux Radeon HD driver. Not only is AMD providing the open-source community with their ATI GPU specifications, but they have also been partnering with Novell on the development of a new open-source display driver. We've been telling you about AMD's open-source work all month, and today the new driver is finally available for download. It is still very much a work in progress and isn't much further along than the open-source R500 Avivo driver.

PCPer have also posted an article about Penryn and Nehalem as well as Larrabee, Intel's upcoming graphics project. The chip architecture is well into development and will be showcased for the first time working in 2008 -- though when in 2008 they didn't say. My guess would be about this time next year. Intel plans to make in-roads at the high performance visual computing space by bringing teraflops of raw processing power to the hands of developers

They also considered if DDR3 is ready for the enthusiast? First, we know now that both Corsair's and Super Talent's high speed memory kits are able to outpace the latest DDR2 memory setups when they are run at the 1800 MHz+ speeds they are rated at. The deficit that is accepted by increasing the latencies on the modules to reach these speeds was less than we expected and allowed the memory to run at such high speeds.

And finally, PCMech have posted about the zombie like cult of Apple created by their skilled marketing. First of all, this is going to be an opinion piece. It may rile a few feathers of people who just adore Apple. And, that fact is only proof that the title of this piece is 100% accurate. However, YES, this is subjective opinion. And what is that opinion? That Apple’s marketing is so damn good that it makes wide eyed, unthinking zombies out of good, smart people. Let me explain.

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