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Wednesday Arrrrrrrvo (6 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 19-September-2007  15:50:13 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Avast, mateys! The sirens sing of a previous news-post by a mutinous dog that lacked the piratey goodness befittin' today's newsposting, but fear not, tis I, the Dread Pirate Agg, here to deliver the goods despite a case of knock-kneed bellywobbles that'd knock the fleas right off a ship's cat.

Firstly, Intel is in the piratey swing of things with their new skulltrail platform. I be not makin' it up, yarr. The interesting thing about this machine wasn't just that it had 45nm quad-core CPUs in its sockets and PCI Express 2.0 capable slots but also that it was running a pair of NVIDIA graphics cards in SLI. That's right, SLI on an Intel chipset. More here.

But, tis just one in a case of Intel dubloons today, with IDF 2007 coverage on Xbit, Bit-Tech, PC Perspective, Phoronix and HotHardware.

Baste me blisterin' barnacles, there be new 45nm Xeons on TechReport and 2CPU, and even some overclocked ones, by blazes!

Closer to our fair shores, Whirlpool have responded to claims the 2clix suit has been withdrawn. Still seems to be on the books at the courthouse for now, but p'raps good news blowing in soon, yarr.

But not in Peru, where a firey ball of death rained down upon them! Well, a fiery ball of not feeling quite right in the tummy, which I can well relate to. Shipmates blathering about it in this thread hyarrr, thanks ikonz0rbeard.

Arr, how do ye avoid being forced to walk the plank when protestin' a paycut? Why, hold your strike in Second Life, like these Italian IBM workers.

Time for this old sea dog to sink back beneath the waves again, or at least, to set sail to the nearest chemist. Till next year, ye scurvy dogs, may your sails be as full as your bellies are fat, hurrah!

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