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Saturday Morning (2 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 22-September-2007  10:20:48 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Microsoft are offering a Vista downgrade option for buyers of PCs which come with it. While Microsoft is still pushing Vista hard, the company is quietly allowing PC makers to offer a "downgrade" option to buyers that get machines with the new operating system but want to switch to Windows XP.

TechARP have posted about the triple core Phenom processor. According to AMD, these new processors represent a "multi-core triple threat" to Intel's current hemogeny in the multi-core desktop segment. They claim that current quad-core desktop processors (the Intel quad-core Core 2 processors, in other words) only represent less than 2% of the market. Hence, AMD believes their triple-core Phenom processors will fill the market's need for more powerful processors without paying for more expensive quad-core processors.

Orange is going to carry the iPhone in France. France Telecom has become the latest European operator to announce it has clinched a deal with Apple to sell the million-selling iPhone, marketing it via its mobile arm Orange. The iPhone, a combined mobile phone-iPod media player that also can wirelessly access the internet, will go on sale in France in November, France Telecom CEO Didier Lombard announced during a conference in Hanoi, according to Orange spokeswoman Beatrice Mandrine.

HardwareZone have continued their coverage of IDF with Part 2 and Part 3 of the article. In our last update, we look at Intel's vision of the next internet. We also have a photo gallery of all the cool gadgets and displays that caught our eye.

PCPer have checked out Intel's terascale chips at IDF. The graphs below the die detail shots show the relationships that Intel's designers have created between power usage and peak performance numbers. Most interesting is the power that is required to run the chip - at only 0.95v the terascale processor generates only 62 watts of heat and is capable of 1 teraflop of pure horsepower.

VIA Arena have looked at diagnosing PC problems using event IDs. PC problems can be investigated by looking to the Event Viewer for what explicitly went wrong. The Event Viewer catalogs the entire communication of a PC. For instance, when you log in to your computer, the Event View captures that occurrence and states it in the log. The result is an extensive log through which users can flip through to identify possible problems and their origins.

Google is considering a move on the 900Mhz spectrum in England as it is set to be opened up. UK regulator Ofcom shook up the wireless market yesterday by announcing that it wanted to take some spectrum back from Vodafone and O2 in order to auction it off. The goal, as in the upcoming US spectrum auction, is to jumpstart competition and offer access to a prime, low-frequency band. That in itself is big news for the UK market, but you know what make this story even better? That's right, a dash of fresh-ground Google.

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