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Sunday Evening (3 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 23-September-2007  21:54:55 (GMT +10) - by Rational

Happy One Web Day OCAU! For those unfamiliar, September 22 has been dubbed One Web Day (OWD for short), and this year will be the second annual "celebration" of the event. The mission of OWD is simple and optimistic: "to create, maintain, advance and promote a global day to celebrate online life." People around the world are encouraged to think of themselves as responsible for the existence and the quality of the Internet (does that mean we get to ban all trolls worldwide for a day?), and highlight both the positive impact of the 'Net as well as problems with access and flow of information.

A bill introducted into parliament would give internet censorship control to police. Users of the social news website Digg.com asked if "Australia was becoming the new China". There is a thread discussing this here. A bill introduced this week by Australia's Parliament would give the Australian federal police the power to control which sites can and cannot be viewed by Australian Web surfers. Introduced on Thursday, the bill--titled the Communications Legislation Amendment (Crime or Terrorism Related Internet Content) Bill 2007--would empower the federal police to alter the "blacklist" of sites that are currently prohibited by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. The list currently includes pornography and "offensive material." However, under the amendment, federal police would be able to add other sites to the list, including content that the AFP Commissioner "has reason to believe...is crime- or terrorism-related content."

With the help of the PS3, Folding at Home has hit one petaflop. Who would have thought that game console could help contribute to a worldwide distributed computer that could handle a quadrillion mathematical computations per second? But that's just what some Sony PlayStation 3s hooked up to a Stanford University project have done. Owners who have linked the third-generation videogame console to the University's distributed computing project have driven the medial research system to a peak of one petaflop, Sony said Friday.

The latest release of Ubuntu is more polished and feature laden than ever before. First of all, let me start by saying that lately bug reports seem to be resolved at a faster pace. Most of the bugs I filed back in March/April, are resolved. This is a great point for the Canonical guys and the community. They fixed the ethernet timeout after a laptop sleep, the laptop brightness applet support, the Bluetooth initialization bug, etc etc.

Some people are saying that laser printers could be harmful. A lot of computer users today (including myself) have a laser printer. Laser printers offer good quality and are very fast printers. So, it is a good technology. That said, might it be that it is a technology that has side effects on our health? Some Say Yes

Bit-Tech have covered Microsofts PC hardware day in London. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by the Hardware Day and it was honestly quite fascinating to see how a team of designers can continue to progress on a tool which many of us take for advantage each and every day. Sure, it wasnít the most interesting thing Iíve ever done and when I was playing Portal later in the day (watch the front page for an upcoming preview) I canít honestly say that I was left thinking about how much I wanted to go back in time by a few hours and get another look at that keyboard, but I still enjoyed my time at the Hardware Day

Games are shipping for the new iPods. Apple's iTunes Store now has games available for purchase and download that work with the third-generation iPod nano (with video), iPod classic and fifth-generation iPod (with video). Three games have been released: Tetris, Ms. Pac-Man, and Sudoku. Apple CEO Steve Jobs first indicated that the new iPods would be able to play games at Apple's "The Beat Goes On" special event held in San Francisco, and said that the games would be available in a few weeks.

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