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Thursday Evening (2 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 4-October-2007  19:36:49 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Here's a bit more about The Hon. Helen Coonan dismissing the Australian Games Industry, over on IGN.com.au. With the potential for our industry to generate so much more income for the economy, employ more people and put Australia on the map as a hub of leading edge game development, we are dumbfounded as to the government's backhanded, empty response to our call for a rebate.

HardOCP checked out five PSUs available for USD$50, as opposed to the super-high-end ones getting most of the press lately. At $50 though, all of the products are going to be squeezed into meeting a price point more than providing amazing capacity and feature sets, and as such some of these supplies will have an interesting mix of feature sets, performance, documentation, and value.

Apparently Melbourne's computer swap meets were in peril, but are now back on, thanks daztay. More info here.

Intel say they'll be boosting single-core performance, on Itaniums at any rate. "We have not abandoned single-core performance and we're looking to increase that with each generation (of the Itanium processor) as we go forward, some with greater transitions than others."

Not much info in this story, but Craig noticed the ACCC targeting Google's parent company in the USA. The ACCC alleges Google has misled consumers by failing to adequately distinguish between search results and sponsored links.

From Shredder: Here's an interesting thread by forum member dVenator, who has written his own quick implementation of seam-carving. It currently only allows an image's width to be manipulated, but it seams (sorry!) to work nicely. I was talking to Wayne about seam carving yesterday, it's a neat new image-resizing technique.

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