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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 27-May-2002  23:29:26 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Our Forums passed 15,000 members today.. the member in question is called "Member15000", hmm, that's not suspicious at all. :)

Xbit have an article about using GeForce4 Ti4600 in 3DSMax, seeing if consumer-level high-powered video cards can be useful in that professional-level 3D graphics package. Digit-life see how the Quadro fares in comparison.

VooDoo notes that Ozemail ADSL may be a reality soon.

OCAU's SETI@Home Team have made it into the TOP 100 All Teams for (position #99 at the moment) and have just got our 500th member, thanks RobsGT4and DRAXX.

With all this cold weather lately, PostModern is organising a Soup Cookoff over in our Geek Food forum.

A roundup of roundups.. OCPlus compared the Epox 8KA3 and Asus A7V333.. KT333-based SocketA DDR motherboards. Meanwhile, MBReview compared Crucial PC2700 and Corsair XMS3000 memory and Tweakers compared PC1066 RDRAM vs. DDR SDRAM. SocketA HSF's get compared over on Tweaknews.

Bit-Tech have a lighted fan strobe mod happening.

With Napster and Kazaa down the gurgler, it seems AudioGalaxy could be next, thanks alx.

A spelling-mistake squatter gets hit with a USD$1.9M fine, thanks thetron.

HotHardware have some E3 Coverage posted, and so do TheTechZone. Meanwhile, Guru3D visited the AMD Tech Tour.

Apparently WinXP SP1 has some anti-piracy features in it, thanks Shizz.

Schrambo sent in this random website page. Taking idle net-surfing to a new level. :) Also, there's a Doom III preview movie out.

I thought I'd seen every caffeine-rich product (and tried most!) .. but this caffeine soap that DJ-Studd spotted takes the, err, cake.

Gary noted that Genichi Kawakami, former President and founder of Yamaha Motor Co, died Saturday, aged 90. Thanks for a lot of fun.. RIP.

Intel Pentium 4 Northwood 533MHz FSB 2.53 Ghz CPU on HardwareTestDK.
Crucial PC2100 256MB DDR SDRAM on Gaming-Media.
Chilli Professional III 1/4" mATX case on MikhailTech.
ATi All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500 128MB video card on ExplosiveHardware.
Thermaltake GeForce4 "Highest Performance Cooler" on TweakTown.
Hercules Radeon FDX 8500LE video card on Tweakers.
Hercules Radeon FDX 8500LE video card on Techseekers.
WinTasks 4 tweaking software on TheDDRZone.

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