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Thursday Evening (10 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 18-October-2007  19:13:00 (GMT +10) - by Agg

StiNg spotted another game being declared too violent for Australia. This time it's Soldier of Fortune: Payback. There is no R rating for games in Australia, so the Classifications Board must ban any game that exceeds MA15+ classification.

From IntelInside: Apple will allow third-party applications on the iPhone and iPod touch, Chief
Executive Steve Jobs said in a posting on its website. The company intends to release a software development kit in February.
So then you'll be able to invite your iPod owning friends to become pirates and ninjas and zombies, too.

Also on the Apple front, from Spillmill: There's some free computer & peripheral recycling happening in QLD, courtesy of apple, all brands welcome. If your old PC still works, see if your local school or charity wants it.

Digit-Life compared twelve AM2 boards based on AMD 690G. We separated motherboards into two groups: multimedia PC & media center solutions (HDMI, FireWire, etc.) and cheaper OEM products with just basic multimedia features.

They also have a continuing article called Detailed Platform Analysis in RightMark Memory Analyzer. During our previous tests we found out that the 65nm Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Energy Efficient processor was significantly outperformed by its regular counterparts with equal or even lower model numbers. To understand the microarchitectural reason of this, we decided to run a low-level comparison of a regular 90nm Athlon 64 X2 5200+ CPU (Windsor) and a 65nm Athlon 64 X2 4800+ EE CPU (Brisbane) in our RightMark Memory Analyzer suite.

Atomic Live 2007 is on this weekend at Olympic Park in Sydney, rego is free, thanks What: The greatest tech, games and all-round entertaining event of the year.

Nick noticed that Cisco's offices in Brazil have been raided, with exec's arrested etc. The allegation is that Cisco brought at least $500M of equipment into Brazil without properly paying import duties, and now owes over $826M in taxes, fines, and interest.

ASUS have launched their much-anticipated "Eee PC". This is a new line of PCs that focuses on providing users with the most comprehensive Internet application based on three Es: Easy to learn, work, play; Excellent Internet experience and Excellent on the go, and hence the product name of Eee PC. More info and discussion in this thread, thanks McbLt.

Dansdata checks out two PSUs from GTR: one cheap without PFC, and one slightly more expensive one with PFC. There's no end to the fun that can be caused by a dodgy power supply, especially in this age of video cards that draw more power than CPUs.

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