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Tuesday Night. (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 28-May-2002  23:53:58 (GMT +10) - by Darkness'

Well if you're bored this week, go get the flu off someone.. It's great... not.

Intel has gone and dropped its price on CPU's. "The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chipmaker cut the price of the desktop version of the chip from 12 percent to 43 percent, according to a price list issued by the company. The 2.4GHz version of the chip dropped from $562 to $400, a 29 percent drop, while the 2.26GHz and 2.2GHz versions of the chip fell from $423 to $241, a 43 percent drop. Other Pentium 4s were cut from 12 percent to 32 percent." Thanks Purple^Llama

Grimwolge had an interesting phone call to Telstra and their new voice response phone system.

OK, so this is really why people go to E3! 180 pictures of the E3 'booth babes'. Oh I think there was some gaming stuff there as well...

Apparently, start.com.au, the free web-based email service, is closing this Sunday, 2nd June. Users must log in and provide an email address to which emails are to be forwarded to over the next 3 months. Thanks -=ButFli=-

There is an interesting article up about movie piracy. "Pirates," according to Bobbie Johnson in these pages last week, "are costing Hollywood billions in lost profits." Just as George W says we're either with him or against him in the war against evil, so the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) goes on the attack against those who dare to, uh, think different."

Here's something that you really don't want to read when you get a DNS error. ** Warning, fair bit of 'offensive' language in this. You've been warned. Thanks Squeezer.

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