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Early Monday Morning (15 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 22-October-2007  02:45:05 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Phoronix report on the Linux client for ET: Quake Wars and its performance with NVIDIA cards. In addition to this first person shooter being very multi-core friendly, it does require more graphical horsepower than any current Linux game.

Dale spotted SimCity for the DS. Check out the mini-game in the site. Kinda resembles the "Pipeline" game that I used to play, oh, 15 years ago on a 286? Incidentally, it’d be nice if someone had access to the game (SimCity for DS, that is) and do a quick review on it? SimCity has been a favourite for many - it’d be good to find out whether this port is up to scratch.

From Matt: This is quite interesting, this new product from billion, it contains the slot for a Telstra 3g card as well can be used on traditional phone lines with adsl 2+, it also has a car adapter retailing for rrp $269. So you can go driving in the car with this billion modem plugged into the cigarette lighter and use your wireless laptops in the car amazing this is very interesting indeed - the possibilities are endless.

PCMech have an interview with David Geller of Eyejot. Eyejot is a video email service which is web-based. And it is quite cool. Email is one of those mediums that is so prevalent that it is taken for granted and one may not think the nature of email can change any more. David Geller is leading this new service to try to expand email beyond the written word.

Solar-powered cars are zooming across Australia over the next few days. The racers from 17 countries were warned they were likely to encounter gusting desert winds, blazing temperatures, irate truck drivers and even kangaroos over three or four days before hopefully zooming across the finish line in the Southern Ocean port city of Adelaide.

TweakGuides have a Unreal Tournament 3 Tweak Guide posted. The guide should give all UT3 players the information they need to tweak and customize both UT3 and other games based on the new Unreal Engine 3 to suit their particular needs.

Tweaktown went on a Kingston media tour recently. What you might not know is that Kingston is the biggest retail brand for DRAM modules in the world, with some 18.1 percent of the market in 2006 with its nearest competitors not having more than about 5 to 5.5 percent.

NASA are planning to launch the Space Shuttle Discovery on Tuesday, for an ambitious mission to the International Space Station. If all goes well, the mission will be a high point in the efforts to complete the space station before the shuttle program is wound down by 2010. The Discovery’s seven astronauts, working with the three-member space station crew, will add the first new “room” in six years. The closet-sized Harmony module will allow two new laboratories, from Europe and Japan, to be hooked up on future flights.

From Revenger: I found a great program called Mobile gMaps that lets you use various mapping services such as (google/yahoo/msn maps/add service here) on your java enabled mobile phone. Some of these mapping services such as google maps can be used by pre-downloading all the wanted maps for a area on a pc and by transferring them to your memory stick and used on your phone without going online (good for prepaid who's online costs are above $1 a meg).

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