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Saturday Evening (13 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 8-December-2007  19:08:03 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Next time you think you're getting lucky online, apart from the obvious concerns about how your life got to this point, you might also have to worry about it being a flirting robot, thanks AirQ. Among CyberLover's creepy features is its ability to offer a range of different profiles from "romantic lover" to "sexual predator." It can also lead victims to a "personal" Web site, which could be used to deliver malware, PC Tools said. Fortunately it only seems to speak Russian at the moment, but give it time.

However it seems skills learned in World of Warcraft can be useful in real life, thanks Kian. They're talking about a 12 year old Norwegian boy, who survived a moose attack - using skills he learned in World of Warcraft.

25 years on, the Commodore 64 is still loved, thanks vec. By 2007 computing standards, the Commodore 64 is a dinosaur. A relic of the past, long made obsolete by the march of time. But the C64 isn't dead. It's very much alive -- on gaming Web sites, through music and in the memories of millions who owned and loved them.

Craig noticed that The Pirate Bay have lost a domain they snaffled from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. The IFPI filed a complaint with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), requesting that the domain be returned to their ownership. It seems their complaint paid off, as The Pirate Bay has been ordered by WIPO to return the domain.

PCStats have a guide to diagnosing bad hard drives. In this article, PCstats will look at the various reasons why hard disks typically fail, and what warning signs to look for. We will also introduce you to a grab bag of free utilities designed to analyze your drives and detect any flaws which may cause future problems.

From Velicoma: The Australian team of Sydney Underground is competing in Los Angeles for the Championship Gaming Series (CGS), the winning team taking home a cool $500,000 US dollars (not to mention a host of other individual prizes). The CGS encompasses 5 games for this series, those include: Counter Strike: Source, Dead or Alive (Female and Male player divisions), FIFA 2007 and Project Gotham Racing. More info here.

eDust has a new website about online fraud prevention. Some people here might be interested in visiting it, or might know beginners that would benefit from reading the articles.

Microsoft say the "One Laptop Per Child" PCs could run Windows, if they had more memory, thanks Nick. The XO currently runs on a Red Hat Linux operating system. Making the laptop compatible with XP would give students in poor countries access to "tens of thousands of existing educational applications written for Windows," said James Utzschneider, a Microsoft general manager, in a blog post Wednesday.

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