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Monday Afternoon (13 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 17-December-2007  17:31:42 (GMT +10) - by Cryogenic

A few people wrote in to remind us that it was the transistor's 60th birthday yesterday. But I'm sure everyone had that event on their Outlook calendar already right? Coverage for those interested can be found here.

PCMechanic have posted an article discussing the Technology Flops of 2007. Sometimes we have very notable advancements in the world of technology. Sometimes things come and we THINK they will be advancements and then it just fizzles away. This is just how things work. So, what do I think are the technology flops of 2007?

The clock continues to tick down to Christmas. If you are looking for a gift for someone who might give it back to you, TheTechLounge have posted some suggestions. If you still can't decide, no geek would mind one of these Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 CPUs that LegionHardware have had fun overclocking.

Huntley sent in a two part article on Vista's UAC and 'luafv' driver. When you disable UAC, luafv is still enabled this causes a delay in boot up compared with having UAC enabled. However when both are disabled this yeilds an even shorter boot up time. Read about it here and here.

There has been a massive new genus of dinosaur discovered in Antarctica. A team of paleontologists working over two digging seasons, have unearthed the latest type of a sauropodomorph, a massive plant-eating dinosaur that lived 190 million years ago.

Craig's sent some interesting stuff in again. First, the man who sold a much sought-after game after catching his son smoking pot managed to get $9000 for it! And a look at whether XBox 360s are the cause of strange WLAN performance?

Finally, OCC have posted up a roundup of Motherboards of 2007. ...performance can be attributed to the CPU, RAM, and motherboard. The CPU and RAM configurations were not always the same, so let's look at the reviews to see what results can be achieved."

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