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Friday Morning (13 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 14-March-2008  01:36:12 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Tzorst noticed that NewScientist have a video channel on YouTube. Check out cool things like traffic shockwaves, cyborg insects (kinda creepy and morphing aircraft etc.

Speaking of aircraft, the USAF's F-117 Stealth Fighter will be retired next month. The Air Force decided to accelerate the retirement of the F-117s to free up money to modernize the rest of the fleet. The F-117 is being replaced by the F-22 Raptor, which also has stealth technology.

Sniper spotted this new fast SSD from OCZ. While first generation SSD drives had read speeds of 58 MB/s and supported write speeds of up to 35 MB/s, the second generation comes with a massive 120 MB/s read and an even more impressive 100MB/s write speed.

Meanwhile Guru3D show how you can make your own SSD, kinda. Why using CompactFlash you ask ? CompactFlash defines a physical interface which is smaller than, but electrically identical to the good old ATA interface. That is, it appears to the host device as if it were a hard disk of some defined size and has a tiny IDE controller on-board the CF device itself.

Subcommandante sent in this odd one about nanowires responding to music. Silicon nanowires grow more densely when blasted with Deep Purple than any other music tested, says an Australian researcher.

TechReport checked out AMD's CrossFire X. AMD's CrossFire X will let three or four Radeon HD 3800 GPUs team up in order to kick some green team backside. How well does it work? We've taken a quick look at AMD's first drivers for CrossFire X, we've talked with one of AMD's driver architects, and we have some interesting things to report.

PCPerspective spoke to John Carmack. In our article, John discusses his views on what Intel is trying to do with Larrabee as well as the future id Tech 6 engine (beyond the upcoming Rage title). We also discuss multi-GPU graphics and the AGEIA physics situation. As always, the amount of information that John brings to the table in a short time is impressive.

Graeme sent in a few snippets: Life without the Moon. iPhone potential as a gaming platform. Info on Bioshock 2 + more. Hands on review of Firefox 3 Beta 4.

He also sent in this addictive puzzle game involving a Christmas tree. Light up the Christmas tree by connecting all the wires and bulbs..

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