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Tuesday Evening (3 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 18-March-2008  18:49:13 (GMT +10) - by Rezin

Forum member HyRax1 has written a how-to thread on encrypting specific directories in the Ubuntu operating system using EncFS. This HowTo is based on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10, but should work with any distro that has ENCFS available to it. … Purpose: To encrypt one or more specific directories on Linux without needing to encrypt the entire volume or partition.

Domain Name Journal has confirmed that the Fund.com domain name recently sold for an incredible price of US$9,999,950. Fund.com, thus becomes the highest all cash domain sale ever reported topping Porn.com (sold for $9.5 million in May of last year).

AnandTech have posted an interesting article discussing various aspects of hardware virtualization. In this first article we discuss "hardware virtualization", i.e. the technology that makes it possible to offer several virtualized server such as VMware's ESX, Xen, and Windows 2008's Hyper-V.

Ars Technica wants to let everyone know that rumours of an official launch date for Windows 7 are not true. Perhaps it's a sign of how desperate some sites are to get linked by the big aggregators, or perhaps it's a sign of how disappointed people are with Windows Vista—or both—but the endless stories about Windows 7's "official launch" are silly and (more importantly) quite misleading.

The team from PC Perspective have released their latest Podcast where they spoke with John Carmack. What started out as a simple Q&A about Intel's ray tracing plans turned into a discussion on the future of gaming hardware, both PC and console, possible software approaches to future rendering technology, multiple-GPU and multi-core CPU systems and even a possible insight into id Tech 6, the engine that will replace the id Tech 5 / Rage title.

Tom's Hardware look at the fifteen greatest hacking exploits. Some hackers have left their marks on the history of computers, becoming idols for a whole class of newer computer users. Let's go back and take a look at these computer gods, some of whom could break every known protection, and even became involved in great virtual manhunts with the powers that be.

Last but not least, Technology Review talk about identifying manipulated images using new tools that analyse lighting inconsistencies, and Intel's plans to sell a specialised Wi-Fi platform which can send data to a receiving antenna located as far as 96 kilometres away.

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