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Monday Afternoon (19 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 31-March-2008  13:59:14 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's a bit of a riot going on at the Creative Labs forums currently. Apparently they have officially asked a guy called Daniel_K to stop making unofficial driver packages. Fair enough, you might think, except it seems lots of people need these packages for their cards to work in Vista, because the Creative drivers aren't making people happy. Kinda sounds like they should be giving him a job, not posting public cease-and-desist messages to him in their forums. :) Anyway, there's been some kind of retraction by Creative, but unfortunately they've managed to once again alienate a big chunk of their enthusiast customer base.

"Game On" is an exhibition about the history of video games and gamer culture in Melbourne at the moment. Get ready for Melbourne's must-see exhibition of 2008 - the action-packed celebration of games culture that has thrilled over one million players of all ages around the world. Game On tracks the development of videogames from the first computer game to arcade-era hits and the very latest from today's billion dollar industry.

Meanwhile "Gamerthon 2008" is also on in Melbourne (danger, LOUD video on that page). Attracting thousands of competitors from across the globe and boasting over $50,000 in cash and prizes, the Gamerthon is the largest, most innovative, and most prestigious, gaming tournament in Australia.

The BBC report on new flexible chips, thanks AirQ. "Completely integrated, extremely bendable circuits have been talked about for many years but have not been demonstrated before," he told BBC News. "This is the first one."

eWeek report that NVIDIA and Intel are set for a major battle. Itís more than just the graphics that go into PCs that Nvidia and Intel are likely to clash over in the coming months. Both companies also see GPU and graphics technologies as a key feature to delve deeper into the HPC (high-performance computing) market, a lucrative field where graphics could increase overall compute performance.

From Dan: AusGamers now has the latest trailer for Grand Theft Auto 4 "Everyone's a Rat" available for hi-def download and flash streaming here. Quite a few trailers, demos and patches on their latest files page.

Here's an interesting video about new robotic arms being worked on by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway. Inspired by the sophisticated prosthesis in Star Wars, Kamen set out to make what he calls his "Luke Arm".

XbitLabs have a PSU roundup continuing. This part of our roundup will be devoted to power supply units with capacity ranging from 450W to 850W. We will check out 7 models from AcBel, Gigabyte, Zalman and Corsair. All the details on their performance and functionality in our extensive article!

James spotted some motorcycles made from watch parts. Amazing details.

From Sparky1240: An interesting set of results at the recent CanSecWest security conference - where contests compete to win the notebook they're hacking: The only system to remain standing was a "Sony VAIO laptop running Ubuntu". Full wrap up here. It'll be interesting to see how this slowly bleeds into the mainstream.

Today's timewaster is boomstick. Shoot stuff!

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