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Wednesday Afternoon (7 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 2-April-2008  13:28:40 (GMT +10) - by Agg

IGN consider the Australian R 18+ game debate. We look at the history of, and latest developments in, the debate over an R 18+ rating for videogames down under.

TechWareLabs have taken a look at RAID and Gaming Performance. Does using a Raid array benefit FPS, game loading, and level loading? We attempt to answerthese questions and put them into the perspective of price vs performance under a single drive, two drive, and four drive scenarios.

Some snippets from AirQ: The latest phishing tactics. A legal battle over a Warcraft bot. A GPS that spots traffic trouble by talking to its friends.

Dan has more letters: Deadly kitchen renovations, headphone impedance, clock voltage conversion, USB-rechargeable batteries, and musical sparks. He also says we should save the WiFi wilderness. I speak, of course, of the unsecured wireless network access point. We all need to do our part to help these fragile creatures to survive.

From the juz, who reckons "9800GX2 Quad SLI is a Crysis Killer": Here is a video on Youtube of a guy called Maxishine running Crysis at full detail @ 1900x1200 Resolution and getting 50fps. Here is his website (which is down at the time of this message). Okely dokely then.

There's a new episode of ABC's Good Game available to view on their website, if you missed it on TV.

From Andrew, if your Optus Cable has been unreliable: Thought some OCAU readers who are having the problem but haven't found the reasons may be able to benefit. This article contains information about the on-going international connectivity problems affecting Optus Cable users, especially those in South East Melbourne. The issue was first reported on 31/01/2008, and is still occurring as of 31/03/2008. During the outages, which can last anywhere from 10 minutes to more than 7 hours, international destinations are unreachable, but domestic locations can still be accessed as normal. Despite the ongoing and regular troubles with the service it is yet to be shown on the Optus Service Status page. Link to logs of the problem. Online discussions here and here.

CDFreaks have a community Q&A with Hitachi. Hitachi has a heritage of bringing new innovations to the camcorder market, many people donít know Hitachi invented the worlds first hard disk camcorder in 1999, the worlds first DVD camcorder in 2001, the worlds first Hybrid HDD+DVD camcorders in 2006 and last summer Hitachi launched the worlds first Blu-ray Disc Camcorders.

Intel's Developer Forum Spring 2008 kicks off soon, with some coverage on HWZone and T-Break.

CPU3D are lapping heatsinks. Still pretty much the same technique as in my article from 1999. God I'm old.

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