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Monday Afternoon (3 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 7-April-2008  17:25:40 (GMT +10) - by Agg

These first few stories are from AirQ: There's a "stay of execution" for WinXP in emerging markets, which may affect everywhere else. Speculation continues to swirl as to when and whether Microsoft will extend the June 30, 2008, cut-off date on which many PC makers will be expected to cease bundling Windows XP with new PCs.

Will a former Google exec save the music industry? For example, there's a set of data that shows that file sharing is actually good for artists. Not bad for artists. So maybe we shouldn't be stopping it all the time.

IBM is apparently going to host its own private Second Life regions. This will enable the company to have sensitive discussions and disclose proprietary information without having the data pass through the servers of privately held Linden Lab.

These remaining stories are from Digital_Monkey: The domain pizza.com has sold for $2.6M. Chris Clark registered the name pizza.com in 1994 for just $20, and continued to pay the annual registration fee until January of this year, when he heard the domain name vodka.com had gone for a massive $3 million, and decided he wanted a slice of the pie.

This machine-translated article is a little tricky to read, but it's about a technology that lets your CPU do GPU work. The graphics card is too weak? Then let the processor render times. With the "Swift shader" is the CPU to the GPU.

Speedo's slick new high-tech swimsuit is coming under scrutiny as possibly giving an unfair advantage. Officials from the International Swimming Federation (FINA, the sport's governing body), want to speak with Speedo next week. With the Olympics looming you can expect the terms ‘unfair advantage’ and ‘performance enhancing’ to show up on the agenda.

ExtremeTech have a 32-bit vs 64-bit Vista shootout. Testing 64-bit performance is still a somewhat dicey proposition. Major benchmarks are either lacking, or don't work properly.

Quake 3 has apparently been ported to the iPhone. Best of all? It uses the accelerometer instead of the insuckerometer AKA pressing onscreen buttons.

Microsoft seems to be becoming more aggressive about taking over Yahoo. Microsoft’s open letter to Yahoo’s board of directors follows reports that talks between the two companies are in a dead end and Yahoo’s board has still not officially authorized executives to engage in acquisition negotiations.

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