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Wednesday Midday (11 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 9-April-2008  11:41:33 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A team in New Zealand are working on a 3D printer that can copy itself. It wants to make the machine available to anybody including small communities in the developing world, as well as people in the developed world, says Olliver. Accordingly, the RepRap machine is distributed, at no cost, under the GNU (General Public Licence).

Benchmarkreviews have a CPU cooler roundup. So then after months of planning and preparation, we have worked to achieve the most complete source of test results possible, offering irrefutable test results gathered in a controlled environment. The purpose of this article is to document our findings and declare the best and top-rated CPU coolers available as of Q1 2008.

Brains spotted this cool magnetic viewing paper. This paper is so intriguing because it enables you to view the varying magnetic patterns of individual magnets.

Mr_insideout sent this story about SA Police who allegedly copied movie DVDs being let off with no penalty. Police sources have told The Advertiser an official investigation, which could lead to criminal charges, will not be conducted because of the large number of police officers involved in copying DVDs.

A Canadian university is showing off their nanoscale skills by carving logos onto human hair with a focused ion beam. When not tattooing hair, they'll use the FIB microscope to fabricate nanoscale devices.

XSReviews consider 5 PC games that deserve sequels. Age of Empires 2, Call of Duty 2, Red Alert 2, Half Life 2, the list of great video game sequels for the PC is almost endless. Why then, are so many franchises left to die at the side of the road, despite the first game having an original concept or a great fan base?

Sniper noticed this story about the security systems of millions of cars being cracked. The revelation caused consternation among the car makers. Volvo said it took security extremely seriously, but preferred not to comment further until its technical teams were able to look at the scientists' claims to establish whether they could be substantiated.

Dan wonders if new video cards are worth the bother. Nvidia's new 9-series graphics cards offer bold new frontiers of 3D video power - if you've got the money to build a three- or four-way SLI system. If one graphics card with one processor on it is more your speed, though, is there any reason to bother with a GeForce 9600 or 9800?

AMD will apparently cut 10 percent of its workforce, thanks fabricator. The announcement came as AMD warned its first-quarter earnings report due for release April 17 will show sales below expectations.

Snippets from AirQ: The smallest revolver ever. Hypercubes could be building blocks of nanocomputers. Hydrogen-powered plane takes off. Sweat ducts may act as giveaway antennas. 10 ways the Internet (as we know it) will die. 16-bit parallel processing in a molecular assembly. Killer stress burying bloggers?

Today's timewaster is Nanotube. It only uses the left and right arrow keys, but it gets tricky very quickly!

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