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Mid Friday Morning (12 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 11-April-2008  10:29:01 (GMT +10) - by Cryogenic

A quick news post while the IS guys try and get the CM server back up and running :)

Speaking of downtime, TechwareLabs have had a bit of a rant during a power outage, coming up with an article entitled, What we hope the future holds. It's not very long, but I'm whipping this up during some downtime, so who am i to complain?

Linux users with ATi cards in their systems might be interested in the latest RadeonHD driver that has just been released. It's been a long time in the making, but the xf86-video-radeonhd 1.2 driver has just been pushed out the door. RadeonHD 1.2 is the first new release for this open-source ATI R500/600 driver since December of last year. The RadeonHD 1.2 driver includes support for new AMD graphics processors, 2D XAA/EXA acceleration, and other changes.

VRZone have dug up some information about nVidia's next generation of mobile graphics solutions. a GeForce 9800M GTS refresh codenamed NB9E-GT1 and a new GeForce 9800M GT codenamed NB9E-GS1 based on 55nm G94b architecture. Both GeForce 9800M GTS and 9800M GT have 1GB of GDDR3 memories onboard.

Yet more graphics stuff. PCPerspective have had a chat to Crytek's CEO about Rasterization and Ray Tracing. And the fact remains that pretty much everyone we talk to outside of Intel is confident that rasterization is going to have at least one more dedicated generation in gaming. That means that if Intel intends to compete in the graphics world in the next 2-3 years that it will have to take on NVIDIA and AMD/ATI on current-model GPU terms - rasterization, DirectX and OpenGL.

Just perfect for a Friday news post. Dan has received more letters, yay! In this edition: Batteries inside other batteries, amplifier power output, bogus water injection systems, magnetic traffic-light talismans, nonexistent solar cubes, and another couple of free-energy claims.

In case you're one of the select people who are totally oblivious to the advances of the humble boob tube, HardwareSecrets have written up an article just for you. From flat screen panels to new projection technology, there are so many options in the market that buying a new TV set could get complicated and that's where we come in; after all our motto is "uncomplicating the complicated". Follow our tutorial as we open a trail into this jungle of acronyms.

Ugh, they've fixed it. Back to work...

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