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Thursday Night (3 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 17-April-2008  23:16:26 (GMT +10) - by Agg

You've probably noticed Rezin and Digital_Monkey posting quite a bit of news lately, as well as some occasional reappearences from Cryogenic and aftahours. Thanks to all of them for keeping the news flowing!

NVIDIA and VIA are teaming up to counter Intel in the small'n'cheap market. Most would have written off VIA when thinking solely of its current C7-M processors. However, the upcoming Isaiah processor architecture promises performance that is comparable to or exceeds figures put up by Intel's current Celeron processors. Discussion here.

JimX meanwhile noticed some info about NVIDIA's GPU Physics engine. There was also a demonstration of cloth: A quad-core Intel Core 2 Extreme processor was working in 12 fps, while a GeForce 8800 GTS board resulted came in at 200 fps. Former Ageia employees did not compare it to Ageia's own PhysX card, but if we remember correctly, that demo ran at 150-180 fps on an Ageia card.

Vulcanayaz spotted an interesting fan test trick for 40GB PS3s. A video showing how you can clean your PS3 by using it's own fans. Note: This only works on the 40gb model, if you do this on any other model it will just make a beeping sound. Must test it on mine, although whenever I go near it, I seem to end up playing Burnout Paradise until 4am.

There's a new Google Earth Beta with some whizzo new features. The sunrise and sunset movies are also quite impressive. Just fly to a location you’d like to see and click the “sun” button in the toolbar. That will bring up a small timeline graphic and you can either hit play or drag the timeline slider to watch the day unfold.

There's been some talk of a schoolboy correcting NASA's workings and discovering a 1/450 chance of the asteroid Apophis hitting us. However, NASA have said he's wrong and it's still only about 1 in 45,000.

AirQ sent in this story about the boats that damaged internet cables to the middle east recently being held and the companies being fined for the damage they caused. According to a police report, during the storm, the Iraqi ship had placed the ship anchor under water. After the storm subsided, the ship's crew tried to remove the anchor which got stuck in the Internet cables. Since they failed to remove it, they left behind the anchor that damaged the Internet cables.

Speaking of ships, apparently new evidence points the finger at dodgy rivets causing the Titanic to be so severely damaged by the iceberg and hence sinking so rapidly. The builder's own archive, the two scientists say, harbours evidence of a deadly mix of low-quality rivets and lofty ambition as Harland & Wolff laboured to build the world's three biggest ships at once — the Titanic and its two sisters, Olympic and Britannic.

Here's a timewaster: Boxhead: The Zombie Wars, thanks Vulkanyaz!

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