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Early Saturday Morning (18 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 5-July-2008  00:26:28 (GMT +10) - by Rezin

Tech ARP have a look at a few motherboard & PSU combinations to see what would happen if the CMOS battery fails. Naturally, the CMOS data would be lost if the CMOS battery is dead / missing / malfunctioning and the power supply is turned off. However, things are not quite so clear-cut when the PC is merely powered off, with the PSU still active.

Guru3D have just released version 1 of their NV PhysX Tweaker. The NVIDIA PhysX driver once install will activate itself on the GPU, and can not be disabled. … This little NV PhysX Tweaker tool will allow you to actually choose to enable or disable the PhysX driver over the GPU and if preferred, the CPU.

Trev sent in this link which looks at Optus's pricing for the new Apple iPhone. OPTUS is the first telco out of the blocks with local pricing for Apple's new 3G network capable iPhone that hits the market next Friday. Customers buying the phone to use on Optus's pre-paid network will pay $729 for an 8GB iPhone or $849 for a handset with 16GB of storage.

Microsoft has signed an agreement to acquire Powerset, a company who's goal is to "change the way people interact with technology by enabling computers to understand our language." With an existing search infrastructure, incredible capital resources, unlimited data, a leading search team, and clear mission to revolutionize the search landscape, Microsoft can rapidly accelerate our progress in building semantic search technology and bringing it to full Web scale. Thanks Setia!

Hardware Secrets check out the main differences between the several DirectX versions released. If you, for instance, have a DirectX 9 game in your PC and a video card whose graphic chip is DirectX 8, when the game requests a command that DirectX knows your video card won't understand, it will make an emulation to execute the command. Of course this emulation is not perfect and the final result will be that the game won't have the same image quality as if it were run in a genuinely DirectX 9 hardware.

The Tech Report get comfy in a SumoSac bean bag chair to test its limits. Dubbed the SumoSac, this latest take on the iconic bean bag chair has also succumbed to the obesity epidemic, swelling generously on a high-carb diet of furniture-grade foam. So the SumoSac is bigger and cushier than the original Omni. But is it too much of a good thing?

If you're unsure of how to replace memory heat spreaders, TweakTown look at the pros and cons of three methods and then shows us how it's done. What we will do here is run through a step-by-step of removing the plain flat aluminum spreaders that come with most RAM modules and upgrading them with some Nexus HXR-550B Heat-Pipe memory coolers.

Overclockers Club take a tour of the ECS factory looking at the PCB production facility, the motherboard assembly plant and the testing and R&D floor. I saw firsthand how a motherboard goes from raw material to a packaged product, with several eye opening steps in between. I never knew how many steps were involved in producing the actual PCB itself, and it was quite evident in the length of that part of the tour. The assembly part was also quite intriguing, with a single motherboard going from start to finish in a matter of minutes.

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