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Early Tuesday Morning (6 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 15-July-2008  01:48:41 (GMT +10) - by Agg

If your stats in Battlefield: Bad Company were recently erased, perhaps DICE and EA think you've been naughty. Players were said to be exploiting the game play mechanics to pad their stats over honest players, and over 3,000 of these stat padders have had their stats reset.

Apprently the world's oldest blogger, a 108-year-old lady originally from Broken Hill, died recently. Since early last year, she had written about 70 entries on her life experiences and posted them online, receiving feedback from all over the world.

Chemistry fans will enjoy these youtube videos of the periodic table. This channel will feature a video about each element on the periodic table.

There's a quick little page here on getting classic Mac System 6 working on your Nintendo DS. For whatever reason. :) Finally, turn on the DS and select MiniVMacDS. It will boot the disk images. From there, install (minimal) System 6 onto the blank disk image.

TechWareLabs cover deciphering Windows processes using Process Explorer. Having trouble figuring out what process or application is causing your machine to slow down? Want to take a shotgun to the process eating up 90% of your CPU but you can't figure out how? Our resident windows guru Jack explains you how to use a simple program to find out what is causing your computer to slow down and get rid of it.

Dan wants to chat about video cards. Someone went and asked me what the best current video card is, and in about three thousand words I think I may have found it. Or, at least, caused enough confusion to cover my escape.

Tweaktown consider the current state of Solid State. In our recent reviews, TweakTown has documented just how quickly the technology has come down from the clouds and landed right in the laps of enthusiasts. For users, the only thing that has held back wide spread adoption of solid state drives has been the enormous costs associated with the innovative technology.

Willy sent in a very strange timewaster, which involves girly slapping fights. Slightly more traditional is this quite fun totem destroyer from Matt.

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