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Tuesday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 15-July-2008  23:17:38 (GMT +10) - by aftahours

A heap of sites have got their hands on the new HD 4870 X2, which is essentially AMD taking two of the RV770 cores and whacking them on one PCB, so essentially I suppose it's the power of a pair of those running Crossfire on one board. Heaps of info here on Legit Reviews, Tech Report, and PC Perspective.

Looks like we won't be seeing any more SoundMAX sound cards integrated into motherboards anymore, as they have decided to cease development of new PC audio codecs in order to focus on other markets. More info here.

The OSXReality team have a heap of must have iPhone Games posted up. Since the debut of the App Store, there has been a flood of generic puzzle games and a good number of racing games. The accelerometer based steering for racing games is now becoming the norm, is this all iPhone gaming will consist of? Racing and puzzle games galore? Not if these guys have anything to do with it, check out these hidden gems.

Pretty interesting article posted on OCIA.net, about how much electricity your computer, printers, speakers etc are using and how much it costs per year.

Apparently Centrino 2 was announced recently, shortly after the 5th anniversary of the original Centrino mobile platform. Legit Reviews, Hot Hardware and PC Perspective lets us know what exactly is being updated.

Tech Report have compared seven 2.5-inch mobile drives (mechanical and SSD drives).

Legion Hardware have a Complete Crossfire Chipset Comparison posted up. By simply firing up 3Dmark Vantage we found that the new X48 chipset was able to provide 17% more performance than the older P35 chipset when using two Radeon HD 4850 graphics cards in Crossfire mode. More over, the X48 was less than a percent faster than the P35, which was just a percent faster than the X38 chipset. These numbers would not exactly have X38 owners rushing out to pick up an Intel P45 or X48 motherboard.

Guru3D have looked at BFG's Geforce 9800GTX H2OC. Which, yes, is a card that comes overclocked and watercooled. Full review here.

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