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Wednesday Night (19 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 30-July-2008  21:27:27 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Lots of people are talking about a proposal that people's iPods could be searched by Customs. It suggests criminal sanctions for infringements on a commercial scale. Discussion in the forum here.

NASA are celebrating their 50th anniversary at the moment. They also have a huge image archive for searching and browsing.

Sniper spotted some mini HTPCs from Dell. The funky little PC comes in six different styles Ė five shiny plastic varieties and a bamboo sleeve that was first seen as a concept earlier in the year.

HWSecrets have a 250GB HDD roundup. We compared the performance of nine mainstream 250 GB SATA-300 hard disk drive models from Seagate, Samsung, Western Digital, Maxtor and Hitachi. Is there a big performance difference among them? Is it worthwhile to pay a little bit more and get a drive with a bigger buffer? If so, which is the fastest 250 GB in the market? Check it out!

PC Perspective compared tiny platforms. The VIA Nano processor, formerly known as Isaiah, is finally benchmarked and tested against the Intel Atom platform. Which of these two budget processors and systems is going to be the best value? Which truly offers the better power efficiency? HotHardware have their take on the battle also.

Didz spotted some pics of Pipe Networks' new submarine cable. The landing station doesn't look much, but capacity of 1.92 terabits per second will be coming in here soon to be dispersed across the nation.

Symon sent in this article about evolving circuits. As predicted, with each breeding cycle the offspring evolved slightly, nudging the population incrementally closer to the computer's pre-programmed definition of the perfect individual.

Richard Branson and Burt Rutan have unveiled their space tourism craft, thanks Mindy. The aircraft - WhiteKnightTwo - was rolled out for invited guests and media at an early morning (local time) ceremony in the Mojave desert, north of Los Angeles, at the headquarters of aerospace firm Scaled Composites.

From jim_beam_au: Canít see any chatter about vmware esxi being free now. Itís the embedded version. Going to OEMís as well, but a free download for end users. Seems to be the same version as what was sold for US$500. Discussion here.

Dan reckons your laptop is lying to you. What, you might wonder, does a "bar" of signal mean on a mobile phone? And while we're at it, five bars out of five on the "battery" display must mean there's still at least 80% of the charge left, right? Wrong.

EpHeSuS sent in this fantastic contraption timewaster. Similar physics sandbox idea to another recent timewaster, I think.

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