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Thursday Afternoon (8 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 7-August-2008  16:18:11 (GMT +10) - by DiGiTaL MoNkEY

AMD have unveiled its 790GX chipset today. The AMD 790GX chipset is here to give gamers an incredible experience with unprecedented graphics scalability and new performance tuning innovations. Featuring ATI Radeon HD 3300 graphics, get the best DirectX 10 gaming experience right out-of-the-box. With the addition of an applicable ATI Radeon graphics card, ATI Hybrid Graphics technology leverages powerful motherboard graphics to give your performance a boost.

Coverage can be found on AnandTech, Bit-Tech, HotHardware, Legit Reviews, PC Games Hardware and The Tech Report.

Tom's Hardware take a look at 15 unforgettable processors from Intel. We've seen a lot of Intel CPUs, but a few are real stand-outs. We pick 15 of the most memorable in anticipation of Nehalem, expected to be Intel's next big landmark. The story of the Intel x86 processors doesn’t end with the Core 2, and obviously other models are planned for the Future. Nehalem, Larrabee, and Atom are also on the horizon.

X-Bit Labs analyse Nvidia's GT200 architecture and design. The new Nvidia GTX 200 graphics architecture is just as interesting as the recently announced ATI Radeon HD 4800 that is why it deserves thorough and detailed discussion. Today we are going to talk about the results of synthetic benchmarks obtained from Gainward GeForce GTX 280 and Leadtek GeForce GTX 260.

TweakTown continue their QuakeCon 2008 coverage with booth babes and modified cases. QuakeCon is many things to many people. For the pro gamer it is a place to show your skills; challenging the best of the best and competing against the world’s top teams in everything from Guitar Hero to different variations of Quake. Gamers old and new travel to Dallas, Texas every year, trying to compete for their piece of the prize money.

Hot Hardware evaluate the Asus Eee Box Desktop System. It’s obviously safe to say that Asus put plenty of engineering resources behind their Eee PC project and you almost have to wonder, are they done yet? Not quite. In the realm of small form-factor, low cost computing, there's another market niche' that, believe it or not, the Eee product line has yet to bring out an offering for -- the low cost desktop.

Bit-tech preview the eagerly awaited Fallout 3. So, in short, be afraid. Lock away your wallets and board up your front doors. Handcuff yourself to the furniture and demolish your hard drives and consoles – Fallout 3 is coming and as far as we’re concerned, it’s going to be as excellent as we could have ever hoped. When it launches then it will demolish your life, soak up your spare time and tear apart your relationships.

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