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Sunday Afternoon (4 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 10-August-2008  16:59:55 (GMT +10) - by DiGiTaL MoNkEY

It looks like Australian ISP's might join the copyright fight against illegal downloads. The Australian entertainment industry wants internet service providers to act as file-sharing police and caution people who download illegal copies of films, TV shows and music via peer-to-peer networks. The ISPs have made a counter proposal, that they are prepared to support streamlining the process to allow the copyright holders access to subscriber details so they can take legal action," he says. "But ISPs stop short of taking action themselves. Discussion on the forum. Thanks BlaYde

Bit-tech interview one of Bethesda's top men, Pete Hines, and get the low-down on Bethesda's post apocalyptic FPS RPG; Fallout 3. We got a chance to go see Fallout 3 in action recently, and obviously we couldn't turn it down. Though the event itself was the usual blur of excitement and curiously small burgers on cocktail sticks, we bemusedly came to the next day to find that not only had we done a preview, but we also had the chance to interview Bethesda's Pete Hines.

Hardware Zone review Gigabyte's touch screen Vista-based netbook. The M912V crosses a barrier by being both a netbook - and a UMPC due to its form factor and touch screen capabilities. While we wouldn't actually classify the M912V as a UMPC, it's probably pretty close to the original intent of the UMPC makers, especially when you take into consideration that netbooks in general tend to be much cheaper and closer to the price target of US$500 that was originally intended to be for UMPCs.

Hardware Canucks have published their Radeon HD 4870 and HD 4850 Crossfire performance review. In this performance review we will be taking a look at Crossfire configurations with HD4870 cards from Palit, HD4850 cards from Sapphire and a few little interesting twists (Mixed Crossfire) and turns (Crossfire by combining 4800-series and 3800-series cards) along the way.

Techware Labs share their recent experience testing the HP 2133 Ultra Portable Netbook. With all of the sub-notebooks available it becomes increasingly difficult to select one with the right choices. HP has done an excellent job in separating themselves from the rest of this growing market by investing into the overall design and usefulness of the 2133.

Tech ARP have updated their mobile GPU comparison guide. These days, there are so many mobile GPU models that it has become quite impossible to keep up with the different configurations. Therefore, we decided to compile this guide to provide an easy reference for those who are interested in comparing the specifications of the various mobile GPUs in the market as well as those already obsolescent or obsolete.

X-bit Labs published their gaming performance review of Nvidiaís GeForce GTX 280 and 260. Our study of the theoretical potential of Nvidia GeForce GTX 200 graphics architecture showed that these new solutions are pretty promising, however, have a few issues of their own. The test session in contemporary games should cross all tís and dot all iís on this matter.

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