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Wednesday Night (2 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 20-August-2008  22:26:38 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Wayne sent word that the RBA is talking to eBay and PayPal about the recent payment rules changes. "Consistent with this, the bank will shortly be holding discussions with PayPal with a view to seeking the removal of these rules," the RBA said today.

TomsHardware report from IDF about some automatic overclocking features of Intel's upcoming i7 (aka Nehalem) CPUs. Although not quite like the retro turbo mode button found on computers of the late 1980ís, the turbo mode on Core i7 will still result in increased single threaded performance.

Actually there's quite a lot of Nehalem stuff coming down from IDF, not too surprisingly. HardOCP have some slides and a video with lots more info. Techgage have more details also.

PCPerspective meanwhile have live blogging from IDF. What does that entail? I sit in a conference hall or press meeting and listen to technical and executives at Intel and post up notes, information, pictures and more live as it happens so you get the news in as close to real time as possible.

It's been a while since we've heard anything about ATI's "All-In-Wonder" graphics/tuner cards, full of bells and whistles. HotHardware discovered a new HD version on the way. This was an area of the market where ATI had exclusivity, yet we haven't seen a new All-In-Wonder offering since May 2006. Rest assured however, ATI has not abandoned the All-In-Wonder, they've simply been working on the next iteration of the Graphic/TV-Tuner stalwart, with their latest offering coming in the form of the ATI All-In-Wonder HD.

There's a cool NES stealth PC mod worklog over on exoid.com. That's right, I will be building a retro gaming computer using my favorite mini-itx board the D201GLY2, and my trusty companion that has been in the family for longer than most of my brothers and sisters. The goal with this build is going to be complete sleeper looks. What I mean by that is that the NES will be absolutely indistinguishable from a stock NES, completely stealth.

You might remember Mr Chilled reviewing the Popcorn Hour A-100 media player a couple of months ago. Lanko069 noticed there's some new versions, and they're reviewed here on DigitalReviews. To the untrained eye, the A-100 and the A-110 are nearly identical. Both units share the same case and bar a few minor technical changes, look exactly the same. By contrast, the B-110 is a Mini-ITX variant of their Popcorn hardware - and while functionally similarly, it looks completely different.

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