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Tuesday Morning (13 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 26-August-2008  03:59:46 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Nigerian high commissioner has apparently suggested that Australians ripped off by scams are as guilty as the fraudsters. He said media coverage of fraudulent activity stemming from Nigeria had given the country "a bad image" and "those who want to transact business with us are always very suspicious". Discussion here.

Gary spotted some handy tips for optimising Photoshop CS3 performance. Some obvious ones, some less so. If there is a damaged font on your system and you have WYSIWYG font preview turned on, your computer can slow significantly. If you turn off font preview and your computer performance improves significantly, test for a damaged font.

Mpot noticed this cool video about using Wiimotes to make an interactive multi-touch whiteboard. Also the 3D head-tracking we saw a while ago.

Digit-Kife ponder the NVIDIA nForce 700a and GeForce 8000 Chipsets. The idea to integrate a graphics core into all chipsets looks quite natural for NVIDIA, which strategical task has always been to promote its own graphics solutions in its chipsets.

HWSecrets want to tell us about wireless USB. Wireless USB (WUSB) products are finally arriving at the market and in this article you will learn more about this technology and see some usage examples.

Wired report on Olympic gadgets, thanks AirQ. Nike's MaxSight contact lenses filter out reflections caused by the sun and enhance contrast -- details appear a bit clearer and colors pop more.

From mshagg: Not sure if you guys are aware of the newest thing in PC sim racing - iRacing. This is from the crew who made the Nascar 1/2/3/4/2002/03 series, GPL etc. A few of us on the forums have been driving for a few weeks, some of them months. Anyways it goes live to the public tomorrow morning, local time (there’s a countdown on the website). Up until now its been beta testers and invitations via their mailing list, so we all get to see how it does as a commercial product now.

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