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Wednesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 27-August-2008  03:44:12 (GMT +10) - by Agg

AirQ reminded us that Photosynth has been released for free. The company demonstrated Photosynth, software that arranges photo sets in their real-world, 3-D context and allows people to navigate smoothly around the canals of Venice, for example, or zoom in to read the serial numbers on the space shuttle's heat shields. Check it out here, discussion here.

Microsoft apparently hired Jerry Seinfeld recently, to promote Windows Vista. More info here. Seinfeld will reportedly receive some US$10 million for his role in the curiously titled "Windows, Not Walls" campaign.

TGDaily have more info about NVIDIA's GPU problems which may be more widespread than originally thought. According to our sources, the failures are caused by a solder bump that connects the I/O termination of the silicon chip to the pad on the substrate. In Nvidia’s GPUs, this solder bump is created using high-lead. A thermal mismatch between the chip and the substrate has substantially grown in recent chip generations, apparently leading to fatigue cracking. Discussion here.

Tweaktown have a suitcase PC DIY guide. Up on the bench today we have a special DIY workshop tutorial in building your own LAN party case on a budget. We take an ordinary cheap flight case and mount a full PC inside so you can truck it to and from the party with ease.

PCPerspective keep on reporting live from NVISION 08, while HotHardware cover Jen-Hsun Huang's keynote. A few months ago, NVIDIA first told us about their plans to organize a massive event called NVISION that focused on all things in the visual computing field. NVIDIA planned to take over a number of major venues in downtown San Jose, including the convention center and a number of adjacent hotels, and invite experts and celebrities from the high-performance computing, gaming, video, movies, and graphics fields, to participate. Tech-Report have their coverage posted too, as do Modders-Inc.

VUNet report on a traceless browsing mode for IE8. Many industry pundits have been quick to point out the most obvious use of the feature, nicknaming it "porn mode," in reference to the ability to view adult sites without leaving a trail for employers or family members to follow.

Some snippets from AirQ: Sale of bank data alarms Germany. A vocal joystick helps those with injured hands. Space junkies ask who owns the moon? What Linux will look like in 2012.

PCPerspective, have Nehalem microarchitecture details, while HWSecrets look in detail at QuickPath Interconnect. QuickPath Interconnect is the name of the external bus used by the Intel forthcoming CPUs with integrated memory controller, like the Core i7. In this tutorial we will explain how this bus works.

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