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Thursday Afternoon (3 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 11-September-2008  15:40:50 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Well, the Large Hadron Collilder works. Look ma, no headcrabs! Here's a funny webcam page for the LHC. Hint: it's not real. Meanwhile, FatMan spotted an interesting article from last month about how they stop the beams when needed. In experiments, researchers found that an 86-microsecond exposure of the beam would bore a hole 40 meters into a block of copper.

The iPod was apparently invented by a furniture salesman, or at least, he had the original idea. "I can't even bring myself to buy an iPod for myself," he told the newspaper. "Apple did give me one but it broke down after eight months." lol.

Metallica's much anticipated new album will be out at midnight tonight, it seems.. not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not. Anyway, there's a big thread about it in the Entertainment forum.

MadShrimps compare Geforce 9500 GT SLI vs Geforce 9600 GT Performance. Not too long ago NVIDIA launched their new entry level video card, the Geforce 9500 GT. Today we take a closer look at what extra performance can be had when you add a second card in your system; we compare the performance of the 9500 GT in SLI to a single 9600 GT.

GamingNexus have an interview about an upcoming SBK World Superbike Championship game. SBK has always been the benchmark for any motorcycle game developed, and SBK08 is a new beginning on next-gen platforms. This is the title that every passionate player was waiting for since 2001 and its pretty different to any other racing game made until now. SBK is about the real sensations you can feel as a fan of bikes the races, the speed and the glamour. Hrm, I've never found a motorcycle racing game that I've really enjoyed.. hopefully this one will be good.

NZGamer interviewed a Kiwi game author who created a cool-looking flying game, thanks Scott. But how straightforward is it really? And what sort of chances are there for kiwis hoping to make it big on the international scene? To find out, NZGamer tracked down Lawrence Hodson, creator of the very cool Sharky's Air Legends, a game that's already been making a serious impression on the powers-that-be, featuring in several Microsoft showcases, demonstrating just what the XNA toolkit's capable of.

While we're talking interviews, there's another one on IGN about the game Dead Space. IGN: Dead Space has been banned in a handful of nations now. Did you have any issues getting the game through the stringent Australian Classification Board? Glen Schofield: Australia is getting the full, complete version. No cuts.

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