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Sunday Evening (6 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 14-September-2008  17:48:15 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's a hail warning for a huge area around Sydney at the moment. Take cover!

ISP-level internet filtering creeps ever closer in Australia, with live trials coming up soon. As part of the federal budget, the Government allocated $125.8 million for a range of internet security initiatives, including the filtering program, over four years. Urrgh.

Microsoft have revealed their second Seinfeld Vista ad. Personally it seems as bewildering as the first one.

San Francisco's rogue admin has a few more tricks up his sleeve, with a terminal server hidden on the network somewhere. After a dramatic jailhouse meeting with San Francisco's mayor one week after his arrest, Childs handed over the data, but DTIS Chief Administrative Officer Ron Vinson said Wednesday that the city now expects to spend more than $1 million to clean up the mess.

Expect to see more robots helping out as the population becomes older, thanks AirQ. "Many years ago how common was it to see computerised cash registers? The day will come when robots become as common as computers are today." Not too surprising, I guess.

As long as those robots obey Asimov's three laws, like these, we should be ok. And hopefully they'll have a big red "I'm now in Evil Mode" light on their chest like in iRobot. Bicchi coordinates the EU-funded Phriends project to create a new generation of robots which is both intrinsically safe and versatile enough to interact with humans. “The most revolutionary and challenging feature of Phriends is designing and building robots capable of guaranteeing safety in physical human-robot interactions (pHRI),” the robotics specialist explains.

ZDNet report on the recent iTunes 8 upgrade, but apparently a bluescreen issue on some Windows machines has been fixed. The only issues I had with it is it keeps trying to install Safari on my PC and it seems to have naughtily associated itself with blank CD insertions, grr.

SecretSquirrel sent in a discussion about Firefox's EULA and Ubuntu. Mozilla Corp asked that this be added in order for us to continue to call the browser Firefox. Since Firefox is their trademark, which we intend to respect, we have the choice of working with Mozilla to meet their requirements, or switching to an unbranded browser.

Next Friday is Talk Like a Pirate Day, thanks Curtis. If you’re not ready yet, you can learn more about this international holiday on the About TLAPD page or practice some phrases from the PiratePhrases page.

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